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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Russia

Updated on October 18, 2011

1. Russia geography has put it in an interesting place the ural mountains are the first created

2. The Khibins are the highest mountains in Russia located near the polar circle

3. Russia's official name is the Russian Federation-came into effect in 1991when the Soviet Union split into 15 geo-political parts

4. Russia contains over 100 reserves and 15 huge national parks

5. Siberia is used in Russia as a place to send people who commit crimes Siberian prison underground

6. Russia is so large that the country can touch 12 different seas

7. Russia has some of the most intriguing architecture that came out of the Greco period

8. Russia has 2000 libraries over 300 museums and other national historic sites some of the largest in the world

9. The Russian federation covers 3/5 of the northern hemisphere

10. Russia religion is Greek orthodox

11. The biggest export in Russia is vodka the government tax income comes from 10% from the sale of Vodka

12. Russia is considered the largest exported of coal and natural gas in the world

13. The official language in Russia is (shockingly) Russian. This language uses the Cyrillic alphabet instead of Latin and is one of the five most spoken languages in the world.

14. The most played sport in Russia is Chess

15. Soccer comes only second to chess in Russia but still considered popular

16. Russia consist of 11 different time zones

17. About three quarters of Russian people live in small apartments during the week and travel to their cottages on the weekends for relaxation

18. Russian education system only goes to grade 9

19. ◦In Russia, grandmothers—babushkas and grandfathers have a strong role in the central family unit

20. There are no divorces in Russia just mysterious deaths


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