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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Virginia

Updated on April 2, 2012

1. Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies established in the New World. It was named after the iconic queen of England Elizabeth, she was the “virgin queen”

2. The major industry in Virginia is tobacco. This has been Virginia main crop since its early inception in the 1500s.

3. Tobacco becomes the cash crop of Virginia because of several failed attempts of other cultivating crops. The first attempts at securing a permanent crop in virginia was by the use of silk. Silk worms are not native to Virginia and were soon attacked by local fungus in which they had no defense.

4. The first English settlement in the New World Was Jamestown, Virginia.

5. In the original establishment of Washington D.C, there are many parts of the state of Virginia that were going to be incorporated into Washington, DC. However, many of Virginia commonwealths that voted on the procurement of the land to Washington DC was denied by a citizen Vote.

6. The capital of Virginia is Richmond after It was moved from Jamestown in 1820. Richmond was also the capital of the confederacy during the Civil War.

7. The stat of Virginia has a Nick name of “old Dominion” because of its history within the United States.

8. One of the original colleges first found in the United States was the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia

9. One of the most popular crops in the US was first grown in the state of Virginia. The Peanut was first grown on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It had perfect soil for the peanut plant

10. Virginia was the location of the final battle of the Civil War. General Cornwallis, of the confederate army surrendered in the Yorktown.

11. Virginia officially became a state in the United States on June 25, 1788. Virginia was the original of the colonies yet, t10th to be admitted as a state in the new Union

12. Virginia has a unusual motto. It is actually written in the old Latin form "Sic Semper Tyrannis". (Thus, always to tyrants)

13. The first electric railroad system known as the trolley was first tested and successfully used in Richmond Virginia.

14. Virginia was actually a very large colony at one time it incorporated the states of Kentucky and West Virginia.

15. As of the last census more than half of the population of the entire United States lives within 500 miles of Washington DC.

16. There were over 4000 battles fought during the civil war. Virginia was home to more than half of those battles.

17. Virginia is home to the Atlantic command fleet of the US navy.

18. The main employer of state of Virginia is the US Navy. They have the world’s largest ship port stationed off of Virginia coast.

19. The largest monument to fallen soldiers and of heroism is in Arlington National Cemetery.

20. Many of the most influential government agencies in the world have headquarters in Virginia. The Pentagons building is headquarters to the department of defense and is the largest office building in the world.


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