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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Wisconsin

Updated on April 2, 2012

1. Wisconsin is home to more rivers and streams than any other state in the US. It’s estimated to have over 7500 streams and rivers.

2. One of the largest counties in the US with shore line is located in Wisconsin. Door County has over 300 miles of shoreline around lake Michigan.

3. Wisconsin had a large number of natural forests that it wanted to persevere as a national park. However, during hard fiscal time the state of Wisconsin ended up selling parts of the reserved area to lumber interest.

4. The first State park in the state of Wisconsin was Interstate state park. It is located on the outskirts of St Croix Falls.

5. One of the most famous national parks located in Wisconsin is Devils Lake. It was first established in the early 1900s. It is the oldest and most visited park in Wisconsin that welcomes 5 million visitors annually.

6.The first dam to be introduced in the United States, to produce electricity was built in the state of Wisconsin along the fox river in 1880

7.The first typewrite was invented in Wisconsin in 1865. It revolutionized the way print media could be created.

8.Cross country skiing is one of the largest pastimes to take place in Wisconsin. The 53km American Birkebeiner is the longest and largest cross country ski race in the entire US. Annually up to 1000 people participate in this event.

9.Snowmobiles are one of the easiest and quickest ways to get around in the state during the snowy seasons. There are over 20000 snow mobiles registered in the state, and they have provided a complete snowmobile infrastructure across the state for these machines.

10.The largest water park in the world is located in Wisconsin. The park called Noah Ark is home to over 1000 miles of water rides.

11.Wisconsin is also in the middle of a UFO hot spot. The town of Belleville according to MUFON is the most reported city in the world with the most UFO sightings taking place.

12.One of the greatest accomplishments of the Conservation Corps that was started during the great depression was the Flambeau River State Forest in Wisconsin.

13.For over 100 years, one of the most popular pastimes for kids has been jumping rope. Bloomer, Wisconsin is the jump rope capital of the world. This is where it was first invented and made. The factory still turns out more than 100 million jump ropes annually.

14.Wisconsin is also known for its dairy products. More dairy products come from the state of Wisconsin than any other state in the country.

15.The first kindergarten that was every established was established in the state of Wisconsin. It was located in Watertown, and the first class was held in 1855.

16.The original Barbie doll was created and manufactured in the state of Wisconsin. Barbie’s full mane is Barbie Millicent Roberts

17.Milwaukee is home to one of motorcycles true legends. The Harley Davidson Company was found In Wisconsin in 1908.

18.The first city to be established in Wisconsin was Green Bay. It also holds Wisconsin title of the oldest city.

19.The first ice-cream sundae was introduced in Two Rivers in 1925. It was the first time that cherries and a banana were used to complement the sundae flavor.

20.Ringling Brothers Circus was created in Green Bay, Wisconsin It is now the longest and oldest running circus in the united states today.


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  • wheresthekarma profile image

    wheresthekarma 2 years ago

    Great article, thank you! Really interesting about the UFOs being reported here! I live about an hour away from the town you listed and have my own video of something strange in the sky too. :)