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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Wyoming

Updated on April 2, 2012

1. The one thing that helps the state of Wyoming stand out above other states is the detail they place on their license plates. The Wyoming plate features a bucking bronco on the plate in extremely fine detail

2. When the woman’s suffrage movement was gaining momentum in the late 1950s, Wyoming was the first state that would allow a woman to vote in primary elections

3. One of the largest national parks in the country is located in parts of Wyoming. It covers several states but more in Wyoming than any other. That is the Yellowstone National Park It was designated the first official state park, in 1872

4. One of the most well known land markers in Wyoming is Devils Tower. Made famous in “encounters of the third kind” it receives millions of visitors annually. It has also been designated the states national monument in 1906

5. The city of Gillette, Wyoming gets its name because of the famous Gillette razor company that was invented there.

6. Gillette, Wyoming is also home to one of the state’s largest high schools.

7. Wyoming is home to home of the largest deposits of coal anywhere in the US. The main coal mines were started in Carbon, Wyoming, in 1869

8. The largest coal mine anywhere in the continental US is located in Black Thunder Coal mine in Wright, Wyoming

9. The famous retailer JC Penny got its start in Wyoming in the early 1970s It went onto become one of the leading clothes retailer in the US.

10. Wyoming has an annual coal production rate of more than 5 million tons weekly.

11. Ranchers in Wyoming were searching for, new ways to attract tourist to the state. So, they came up with the concept of a dude ranch. Tourist pay a fee to stay for a week out in an actual ranch and learn what it is like to live, work, and play as a cowboy. Wyoming was the first state to have it, and tourism to these ranches exploded across the country.

12. The detailed bucking bronco on the Wyoming license plate is named “Old Steamboat” It is rumored that he was so aggressive that he was unable to be ridden by anyone. The ones who did try usually ended up pretty seriously hurt.

13. Wyoming is a fairly large state. However, it contains less population than the entire state of Rhode Island. It is considered the lowest of all 50 states.

14. Buffalo Bill was a famous western character. He also had a city named after him in his honor. Cody, Wyoming

15. Yellow Stone National park is the only place in Wyoming that you can see some of the highest water holes in the country. The most famous one is old glory who can spout water up to 1500 feet in the air.

16. Wyoming is the location of the famed red desert. It is centrally located in the middle of the continental divide. This divide caused the annual rain fall in this area to be very small. So, the result was the famed desert.

17. Wind River is one of the most famous rivers in Wyoming. Local, Indian tribes still perform rituals at Wind River Canyons. The name of the river actually changes at this point and is then known as the Big Horn River.

18. The biggest industry in Wyoming in live stock is Sheep. There are a considerable number of sheep farms that dot the landscape of Wyoming.

19. The legislator of Wyoming instituted a constitutional amendment in 197 allowing the Wyoming Flower is named. The new state flower in the “Indian paint brush”

20. The state of Wyoming named the official fish the “Cutthroat fish” its state fish


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