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20 Signs You are Staying at a Bad Motel

Updated on October 24, 2012
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Jeannie has been writing online for over 10 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—hobbies, opinions, dating advice, and more!

Bargain Lodging - Don't Do It!

I absolutely love going on vacation and I also love saving money. Sometimes when those two concepts join together, the outcome can be a disaster. When it comes to picking a motel or hotel, you may not want to go low-budget. You often do get what you pay for, and that is something to consider when making those reservations.

There are times when it is not a desire to save money that lands you in a bad motel. Poor planning can often contribute to the poor quality of your motel. Sometimes people just jump in the car and head to another state without any thought of making reservations. That, my friend, is a bad idea. Other times, an emergency comes up and you have no choice. You have to stay at whatever motel or hotel is in the area, and chances are, it is not going to be a great one.

I have personally stayed at some creepy, crazy places and I would like to create a list for you. Please enjoy the top 20 signs you are staying in a bad motel:

Duct Tape in the Bathtub

20 Signs You are Staying at a Bad Motel:

  1. The pool at the motel has wildlife living in it. Ducks are cute, but they aren't willing to share the pool with you.
  2. Two words for you: mystery smell!
  3. One word for you: stains!
  4. The bathtub in your room has duct tape in it.
  5. There is some type of fungus growing in the room.
  6. The place is called the "Bates Motel."
  7. The guy working the front desk is Norman Bates and he is not sure if there is a room available. He tells you he needs to consult with his mother first. Run away while his back is turned!
  8. The motel is named after a car. Examples: The Thunderbird Inn, The Cadillac Motel, The Toyota Camry Resort (I made the last one up!)
  9. Upon entering the room, the bed bugs and roaches greet you with a dance.
  10. There is only one lamp in the room, and the bulb looks like it blew out 2 years ago.
  11. You hear a mysterious voice from the next room yelling, "Help me! Help me!"
  12. You had to remove the crime scene tape to enter your room.
  13. The guy working at the front desk is shirtless. Every time you see him, he is still shirtless.
  14. You find a family of squirrels living under one of the beds.
  15. You call for room service and the voice on the other line says, "Get it yourself!"
  16. There is leftover food in the mini-fridge. The expiration date says 1986.
  17. The place is so scary, even ghosts don't haunt it.
  18. You go to the ice machine and find the ice is a strange color normally not associated with ice, such as green.
  19. The television does not have cable, but it does have a Beta VCR. The only tapes available are Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Scared Stupid.
  20. The air conditioner throws out hot air; the heater throws out cold air.


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