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2010 Review of the Park Inn, Berlin Germany

Updated on August 8, 2010
This summer, I visited the Park Inn in Berlin, Germany while traveling with my father.  The hotel is located in Alexanderplatz and is within walking distance to a lot of great locations in the city.  

The Park Inn is in one of the tallest buildings in Berlin. It boasts the highest lounge (with a three Euro admission fee) and even a little bungee jumping operation from the top (95 Euros- tempting, but too gimmicky).

Nice view!
Nice view!
The glass-encased bathroom made the room feel more spacious
The glass-encased bathroom made the room feel more spacious
Comfortable, clean beds are always a plus
Comfortable, clean beds are always a plus
Nice bathroom- a bit skimpy on the table space though
Nice bathroom- a bit skimpy on the table space though
OUTSIDE the bathroom, there was plenty of table space
OUTSIDE the bathroom, there was plenty of table space

The Room

Our room was truly outstanding. We were located in a corner of the building, so we had windows on two walls, and as we are on the 19th floor, we had amazing, sweeping views of the city. From one set of windows, I could see Berliner Dom, the Reichstag, and a hot air balloon that ferries tourists up and down all day. From the other set, I could see a whole side of Berlin that I had yet to explore.

The room offered ample table and closet/storage space, two comfortable beds, a fridge (yay!!), a large, flatscreen television, a desk with TWO chairs by one of the windows (a rare perk, being that few rooms offer this), and an elegant glass-walled bathroom which made the room feel open and modern.

The beds were clean and comfortable, the bathroom was modern and easy to use and move in, and it was wonderful to have a table at which two people could sit and have a pleasant conversation.  

From our windows, I was able to orient myself before we headed out for an afternoon stroll, which we did- however hesitant we were to leave such a nice place.

The Service

The service at the Park Inn was friendly and professional.  Most of the staff spoke English well, which is good, as it seemed that a very high proportion of the guests were English-speakers.  

When my father and I departed from the hotel, I forgot a favorite coat in the closet of our room.  From the airport, we called the hotel and they located and set aside the coat.  After getting a copy of a credit card, they packed the coat up and shipped it to our home address in the States (it took them a while to do this- but still).  I’m glad they helped to return my coat- not every hotel staff has been so helpful in the past.


While the Park Inn offers breakfast and Internet access, we didn’t bother paying for either, and also didn’t take advantage of other hotel amenities- hence I cannot say much about them.  What I can say, though, is that we were so satisfied with what we were already given, we did not need anything more!

Other Features of Note

Right outside the hotel’s entrance in Alexanderplatz is a large department store.  At the base of this store is an AMAZING gourmet grocery store.  I strongly recommend you visit it- it is full of delicious food and great design!


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