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Review of Pentahotel, Leipzig, Germany

Updated on September 26, 2012
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Lovely roomVERY comfortable beds!
Lovely room
Lovely room
VERY comfortable beds!
VERY comfortable beds!

If I were to recommend any hotel in Leipzig Germany, it would be the Pentahotel.

I had an excellent experience there while traveling through the area with my father. We chose this particular hotel during a two night stopover in Leipzig due to its reasonable price and central location- it is only about a 5 minute walk from the very heart of Leipzig, and a 15 minute stroll from the train station, which is an impressive site on its own.

The rooms are clean, the design is fresh, modern, and witty, the amenities are of high quality, and the staff is friendly and patient.

The Design

The first thing that struck me about the Pentahotel is its modern, fun, interesting design. The Pentahotel strikes me as being similar an Aloft hotel- but with more frills and a better overall offering.

The interior design of this particular hotel (especially its hallways- not so much the lobby and rooms) reminded me oddly of the interior of Juicy Couture stores.

The lobby is open and inviting, with a check-in counter / bar in the middle of an open space, and a restaurant and lounge off to each side. Near the entrance on one side are some modern and unique chairs, and on the other side is an enormous bedside table lamp, whose post is a giant circular bookshelf. This lamp is surrounded by chairs so people can read and relax.

The Service

Everyone at the hotel was very friendly and helpful, as well as prompt with assistance. Pentahotel’s employees speak English beautifully- more so than in any other hotel I have visited during my travels in Germany (I have been to Dresden, Berlin, and Weimar in addition to Leipzig, and stayed in two different Berlin hotels).

Beyond making our stay comfortable, the Pentahotel staff made our stay fun by giving fun tips about nearby things to visit, helping out with sundry things, and generally being inviting and cheerful instead of professional and reserved.

4 stars for Pentahotel, Leipzig

The Rooms

Our room (a basic room with two beds) was incredibly comfortable- plus it looked great. We enjoyed the bright orange hangers, unique chairs, and modern lighting.  The rooms’ greatest features are the beds, which are incredibly comfortable- so comfortable that my father and I slept in until 10:00am- despite having developed a habit of regularly waking at 7:00am every morning!!

I should also note that our room was impeccably clean, had lots of light, and offered adequate room to move around.  What’s more, the toiletries they offered were great and witty- they even came in their own little travel bag, which I’ll surely utilize in the future.

Connectivity & Technology

Compared to the rates we were given at other hotels here, Internet access at the Pentahotel was relatively inexpensive- we paid a flat rate for two days for our room and were not charged extra for the simultaneous access of an additional laptop.  

Internet at the Pentahotel comes in the convenient form of wireless, leaving one free to lounge anywhere in the room, and access is granted via a special login and password.  

In each room is a 32-inch flatscreen, which is quite nice to look at.  The only downside is how long it takes to change channels, but this is a common frustration shared across most hotels these days.  All in all, the channel selection was pretty good, and the television and remote worked well.

Rooms also offer little consoles that let you plug your laptop into the flat screen televisions for better a viewing experience.  We didn’t try using ours, but it’s nice to have the option.  Another amenity of which we did not take advantage was the business center, at which guests can access their online accounts when traveling sans computer, but then again, we didn’t need it!  I’m sure it’s quite nice, just judging from the quality of the hotel’s other facilities.

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What Was Missing

Though we heard the Pentahotel had great gym amenities to offer, we never had the chance to check them out- alas, this hotel’s excellent location makes one want to take advantage of the nearby attractions!  This is good, but honestly... it’s tempting to spend one’s entire visit within hotel bounds.  We were good, but alas- I cannot give any comments on the gym.

The only thing I truly missed during our stay at the Pentahotel was an in-room minifridge.  I like to buy small yogurts and bits of cheese for cheap, in-room breakfasts and snacks, and I like to keep them cool in minibar fridges.  Since there was no minibar in our room, I couldn’t do this.  No big complaint, but there you go.

Would I Return?

Definitely!  The Pentahotel in Leipzig is wonderful.  It has a good location, good people, good rooms, and good amenities.


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      LOL it does kind of look like an advert, doesn't it? Hahaa- I just really liked it there!

    • profile image

      ani emeka 7 years ago from Lagos, NIgeria

      this is an advert you've just done, tell me how much were you paid for it.