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21 Days in Truth or Consequences New Mexico and how we got here...

Updated on March 12, 2015

Hot Springs & Healing History

“The Chiricahua” (Warm Springs) Apache Indians called this the “Place to Pray” and considered it a healing place. While tales tell us that Geronimo used the waters, these tales are just that; in the 1800s, the first baths were at Geronimo Springs on the John Cross Ranch.

Before WWII there were approximately 40 Hot Springs, this is when the “21 Day Regime” began, believing that if you came once a day for 21 days the Hot Springs would cure anything that ails you.”

But I guess you’re wondering how we got to the name of Truth or Consequences; it all started with a 1950s Radio Game Show called “Truth or Consequences” hosted by Ralph Edwards on NBC Radio.

The show decided to offer a promotion to any city that would be willing to rename their city “Truth or Consequences." As they say “The Rest Is History” the name changed and Ralph Edwards visited for the next 50 years to celebrate at the local “Fiesta” which is still celebrated each May even today.

There are only 10 Hot Springs now so if you’re looking for a town with history, healing and tales to tell...stop by take your socks off and dip your toes in the “Healing Waters” of Truth or Consequences New Mexico. Who knows you may even stay for “21 Days.”


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