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10 Reasons to Love North Carolina

Updated on February 19, 2016

1. Cook Out

Two words: Cook Out. It's a noun, not a verb. Cookout is the very being of a North Carolinian. From cheap burgers, to amazing pulled pork barbecue sandwiches, to so many different milkshake combinations. Cookout is great no matter what time!


2. The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are a string of little islands located off the NC Coast. Home to the largest sand dunes on the East Coast, as well as herds of wild horses, it's easy to get caught up in the beauty and simplicity of the Outer Banks.


3. Football!

The Carolina Panthers are the staple in North Carolina. Bank of America stadium is located in Charlotte, and is home to the Superbowl 50 attendees. Established in 1995, the Carolina Panthers are one of the three professional sports teams located in the state.


4. Best Scenic Drive Ever!

North Carolina has many natural beauties. However, none come as close as taking a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway. With stunning waterfalls and covered bridges, the BRP is hands down the best drive to take on the East Coast. Be sure to visit in October - November when the leaves are changing. You will have your breath taken away at the sheer beauty.


5. Beer

Visit the Raleigh - Durham area to sample some of the finest craft breweries in the country. With multiple breweries offering tours and samplings, it's no wonder these two cities are growing rapidly with the younger crowd.


6. Asheville

Think that NC is just for older conservatives? Think again! Asheville is the perfect spot to find local artists, clubs, outdoor music scenes and more local breweries. All of this is set with the Appalachian Mountains as the background.


7. BBQ

BBQ. Here is North Carolina, we take our BBQ very seriously. Whether you are in Eastern or Western NC, the one thing that all NC natives agree on is that BBQ is a noun, not a verb. We do not BBQ, we cook out. We eat BBQ at a cookout. Try the vinegar based pulled pork in Eastern NC. With world famous places such as Allen & Son's, it's easy to see why we are so serious about a simple little meal.


Why Do You Love It Here?

Why do you love NC? Share below!

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