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25 Remarkable Travel Hacks for the Rookie Traveler.

Updated on July 29, 2017


An emotional roller coaster is what best describes traveling abroad for the first time. There is the excitement of the new adventure that awaits. The hope that the trip will be better than expected. Then there is the relentless fear that reminds you of your inexperience, lack of preparedness and if all this will make you a target for con artists and thieves.

It is always scary to take the leap into the unknown, but take heart you are not alone. The exposure, adventure, lessons and memories are all worth it in the end.

This article major on travel advice from when you arrive at the new destination. I have written on travel hacks from planning for the trip to when you depart. Below are some travel lessons I have learned from experience and others along the way:

Around the world adventure


1) Jet Lag Hacks.

To beat jet lag, eat and sleep on your destination’s time. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.Move around the cabin regularly to increase circulation.

On Arrival:

2) Short Connecting Time

When you enter in another country, you enter in their customs. You will therefore be required to do the second line of security checks. This takes time. When connecting flights, be sure to have adequate connecting time so you don’t miss your flight. You can have 1 hour for domestic flights and at least 2 hours for international flights.

3) To get local currency, use ATMs.

Money converters at the airport charge fees and the exchange rates are so high. Make sure you have notified your banks about traveling to a foreign country. Otherwise, they will have to shut off your cards for your own protection.

4) Transportation to your accommodation.

It is always wise to check the cost of transport from the airport to where you will be staying when you arrive at a destination.

5) Understand Taxis.

In the travel game, taxis are the major rip-offs. Rule number one is not to pick and go. Negotiate with the taxi driver beforehand and keep an eye on the meter.

6) Grocery Shopping.

Simply get basics like a few healthy snacks and water from local stores. Do not rely on hotels. They will charge you expensively for the same stuff.

7) Unpacking.

Remove only the stuff you will need from your luggage. Taking everything out will only increase the chances of forgetting something when you leave.

local travel
local travel | Source
flight | Source
Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge | Source
Beaches | Source
Eiffel tower
Eiffel tower | Source
Brehat | Source

Exploring your new location:

8) Compare Public and Private Transport.

Research the multiple transport options available.Decide which is cheaper and more suitable for you.

9) Check Bus and Train Schedules.

It is better to check both bus and train schedules before you embark on your day.Public transportation runs on a schedule. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere because you missed the last bus or train back.Always know when the last train or bus will be.

10) Have a watch.

Reset the time if you have to or get one. Keep track of time effortlessly. Taking out your phone each time is stressful if you have a lot to carry. It also makes you a target to theft if your phone is costly.

11) Data.

In our world today, accessibility to data is amazingly everywhere. Data solves problems. Always be looking for good Wi Fi. A good place to start is in restaurants or in the hotel you are in.

12) Avoid Tourist Restaurants.

These restaurants are conveniently located near tourist destinations. They often charge twice the price of local restaurants.

13) Tipping.

Understand the tipping etiquette of where you are. The rules of engagement here are different. In some areas, tipping may not be a custom. Know what percentage you should tip. Check your bill for tips, some restaurants add it without you noticing. Do your research beforehand.

14) Local Food vs. Home Food.

In a new place, it is easier to go for home food because it is what you are used to.Don’t do it, in the spirit of adventure eat only local food.Local food is consumed mostly so its ingredients are fresh and the locals know the food safety with it. This reduces chances of suffering from food poisoning.

15) Overscheduling.

You had been dreaming of this moment, planning for months. Now you are here and do not want to leave any stone unturned. The problem is there are so many fun places to go.I know it feels like you may never get a chance like this again. Avoid stressing yourself out planning each day. The element of surprise is what makes traveling interesting. Just go with the flow.

16) Make New Friends.

Meeting other people is the best part of travel. It enriches your travel experience. You hear different retakes of the same spots. Other people’s travel mistakes become your lessons. The laughter and moments shared become great memories when you meet again.

17) Stay Money Safe.

Do not carry or exchange large sums of money in public. You set yourself up for theft and scams.Use secure ATMs instead. Transform those big bills you get to small change. You do this through shopping malls and restaurants.This small change will prove useful for vendors, bus tokens and tips.

18) Drinking Out.

Night outs make you spend tons of money only to regret later. It is good to have some fun but be cautious how much you spend.You could opt to buy beer at the hostel bar or in a local supermarket because it’s cheaper.

19) Laundry.

This is usually overlooked until you run out of clean clothes. Laundry becomes hectic when there are no laundry facilities in that area or when those available charges per item. You will then have to set laundry days.

20) Road safety.

Keep your bag on the opposite side of the road to forestall a thief from snatching it.

21) Be open-minded.

Challenge yourself and try new things. Try the off-beaten track, bungee jump. You may love some new experiences or hate others but you will regret none. You may actually learn some great things about yourself you didn’t know.

22) Travel Insurance

Do not travel without it for any reason.

23) The Guidebook.

Use guidebooks sparingly. While they point you to the right direction, don’t let it direct your every move. Some of them are not updated. Interact with the locals and learn the new places from them.

24) Language.

Learn a few phrases in the local language.

25) Photography.

Invest in a good camera and learn the manual settings.Get up early for the best lighting and lesser crowds.The key to traveling like a seasoned world explorer is by keeping yourself open to discovery.

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I hope the travel tips above will prove helpful in your travels. What travel advice would you give to fellow travelers? Share what you have learned in the comments section below.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

— – Andre Gide


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      15 months ago

      Great photos!

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      15 months ago

      Belinda, excellent article, well written and detailed. Continued success and God bless!


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