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25 Things You Never Knew About The London Underground

Updated on January 24, 2015
The legendary roundel
The legendary roundel | Source

1. The Underground symbol is called 'the roundel'

2. Baker Street station has 10 platforms, the most in the network

3. There are 5 London Underground stations outside the M25

4. The Oyster card and touch-in ticketing system was introduced in 2003

The iconic Oyster card
The iconic Oyster card | Source

6. Waterloo has 23 escalators, the most in any station on the tube network

5. Annually, Waterloo Station receives around 82 million visitors

Resident mice of the Underground are a regular sight
Resident mice of the Underground are a regular sight | Source

7. Around half a million mice claim the tunnels of the London Underground as their home

8. The journey between Covent Garden and Leicester Square is only 20 seconds, yet one of the most popular tourist journeys

9. Approximately 50 passengers per year commit suicide on the London Underground, yet the only station with platform barriers is the Jubilee line


10. The tube map represented geographically is a swirling, curving, flowing mixture of lines

Paul Middlewick's elephant...
Paul Middlewick's elephant... | Source

11. The art project ‘The Animals Of The Underground’ started after Paul Middlewick spotted an elephant among the lines

12. Hampstead is the deepest station below sea level

13. Around 60% of the time, the underground is actually over ground!

The famous 'mind the gap' tannoy phrase
The famous 'mind the gap' tannoy phrase | Source

14. The Northern line introduced the famous ‘Mind the Gap’ tannoy in 1968

15. The total distance of the tube network is 242 miles

16. You experience the fastest trains on the Metropolitan line

17. Roding Valley is the least used station on the network


18. Three babies have been born on the Underground, the most recent in 2008

19. The Victoria line opened in 1969 and to commemorate its opening, Queen Elizabeth II travelled on the tube and became the first monarch to do so

20. The network services 270 stations

21. Stratford station has the shortest escalator at only 4m. Stratford station recently stole the title of shortest escalator on the London Underground from Chancery Lane

The dizzying heights of Angel's escalator
The dizzying heights of Angel's escalator | Source

22. Angel has the longest escalator which is a whopping 60m

23. The District line is 40 miles long, serving 60 stations; the most on the network

24. The Viking line was a name proposed for what is now known as the Victoria line

25. The London Underground is known as the Oxo in cockney rhyming slang. Oxo cube... tube...

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      srsddn 3 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Imaabee, quite interesting facts about London Underground. Thanks for sharing.