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18 Reasons Why Travelling Is Good for You

Updated on July 16, 2019
Janet Mutua profile image

Janet Mutua is a young travel enthusiast with a degree in economics and statistics. She is always on the lookout for new travel adventures.

Going to see the world is a beautiful and exhilarating experience. It is really exciting and sometimes can be sickening if you are traveling alone and not used to it. Or maybe you are just nervous. Well, not to make it seem obvious, travelling is really good for you. The whole experience that comes with moving around the world is more for your own good.

Here are my top 18 reasons why travelling is good for you.

You will get to learn a new culture.

The Maasai community found in Kenya are known for their uneroded culture.
The Maasai community found in Kenya are known for their uneroded culture.

Our world is diverse. With so many different communities present, there is so much culture to experience. As you travel, you will be able to meet people who are different from you. Whether it is their language, way of dressing or their food culture, you will be able to notice something out of what you are used to. Learning other people's way of life as you travel is inevitable, and it's good.

Create new friendships.

Fancy having friends from all corners of the world? This is what travel will gift you with. Making friendships is part of human nature. Imagine making kind friends in every city you visit. If you ever want to visit the same destination again, that friend could give you some home-away-from-home kind of hospitality. Who wouldn't want that? But best of all, you will have a friend for keeps.

Travel gives you a new perspective.

As you travel the world you will realize how different your point of view is from the rest of the world.
As you travel the world you will realize how different your point of view is from the rest of the world.

Meeting new people that you wouldn't have met in your normal daily life is an eye opener. This is because you will be able to exchange views and ideas. You will be challenged to see the world from a completely different lense than you did before. Your perspective will no longer be biased because of where you come from. Your perspective will be out of experiences with other people.

Break your daily life monotony.

Travel will help you break the boring and usual life cycle of activities. Imagine waking up to go to work everyday for the rest of your life without ever getting a break. Sounds sad right?

Sparks creativity.

Great ideas are borne out of seeing others at it. You can always spot something creative you can apply in your life. Perhaps even in your career. Say for example:

  • That dress design you saw someone wear in India.
  • A taxi business idea you spotted in Dubai.
  • A delicious recipe you were taught by a local in Thailand.
  • Fishing skills you learnt in some island in Japan.

Oh the list is endless.

Experience diverse food cultures.

Foods are prepared differently in every culture. It is something to explore.
Foods are prepared differently in every culture. It is something to explore.

If you are a lover of food, then this could actually be a thing for you. You will be able to give your taste buds some good adventure. From spicy foods to sweet savory foods, you will be spoilt for choice. What's more, it will be made by someone you never thought you would meet. There are some food cultures that will shock you too. But I think it's overally worth tasting.

Achieve peace of mind.

Travelling will help you relax and run away from daily life stresses. It is actually a good remedy for overworked folks.

Remember taking your time off is important so as to refuel your energy and motivation.

Improves your social and communication skills.

Well, man is not an island. As you travel you will communicate with many people. In the process you will learn how to relate with others and how to properly communicate. Even in times where you have been offended, you will learn how to express yourself without causing a feud. There is nothing as embarrassing as getting into a fight in a different country.

Helps you tolerate uncertainity.

Ever heard of the fear of the unknown? Yes it is a thing. We all experience it when you do not know what to expect. Travelling will help you cope with this type of fear to a point where you get used to it and it's a walk over.

Makes you healthier.

This is a cliché but it is true. Going on a vacation helps to relax your mind and body. Taking time off to recharge will reduce your stress level and will recharge your strength. When you are free from stress, it reduces your chances of getting things such as a heart attack. So travel more! Even if it is not that far.

Create memories for a lifetime.

Imagine taking part in this Indian dance and having to tell your friends how your two left feet won't let you move swiftly to the sweet Indian tunes.
Imagine taking part in this Indian dance and having to tell your friends how your two left feet won't let you move swiftly to the sweet Indian tunes.

Every experience you get is always deeply embedded in your memory. With every encounter, you will find that you have cool stories to tell your family, friends and even grandchildren. Out of the blue you will become a good story teller who captures people's attention with awe. Just because of the uniqueness of your narrations.

Learn who you really are.

As you place yourself in different situations, you will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to know what it is that you really like and enjoy doing. Isn't it beautiful to learn what makes you tick?

Helps you learn how to budget.

Managing your money is very important
Managing your money is very important

Since travelling can be a great expense. One automatically learns the value of each cent. You are able to make wiser decisions money-wise because you will still want to travel to another destination. In the process you learn how to save and minimize your spending. Hence making you a better money manager.

Challenges you.

Everytime you are on the move, you will have to make decisions and choices. Say for example you went on a desert trip. You will have to learn how to survive:

  • The intense heat.
  • Lack of water.
  • Desert snakes.
  • Alot of dust.

This will get you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to find solid solutions.

Learn new languages.

Some countries speak different languages and for you to have basic communication, you will have to learn a bit of it. Some would actually learn the whole language. It is quite an achievement learning a new language since it is not easy.

Grows your confidence.

Travel experiences will grow your confidence. Incase you encounter challenges, your ability to solve them will increase your confidence to great levels. We grow because of our experiences.

Power of achieving.

Achieving to travel to your dream destination is like hitting the bull's eye.
Achieving to travel to your dream destination is like hitting the bull's eye.

It is human to bounce and fail to achieve some goals. This happens mostly due to weaknesses like:

  • Procrastination.
  • Laziness.
  • Fear of the unknown.

Making a plan to travel and actually going through with it to the end brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Slowly and gradually you will also notice this shift to your career and education. Whatever it is that you do will start changing. You will see yourself achieve more goals, fulfil more promises and gain more happiness.

You will help grow the economy.

As a tourist, you will pay for services and take part in money exchange. This is really good as tourism improves the economy. What's more, you will be surprised by the value of your country's currency as compared to another country's currency.

Cons of travelling.

Nothing is truly a hundred percent perfect. Travel too has its disadvantages. They include:

  • Restlessness. You will always have an itch to be on the move.
  • Getting broke. Your expenditure will really surprise you.
  • Homesickness. Being away will make you miss home alot.
  • Sometimes you will miss family events that are important such as weddings.
  • You will get reallby boredof a normal life routine and always be on the look out for adventures.
  • Some people will think you are bragging when you talk about how good soup tastes in Italy lol.

So my take is, I find the cons rather outweighed by the pros. That is why I think travelling is good for you.

© 2019 Janet Mutua


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