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3 Green London Hotels to Look Out For in 2015

Updated on January 8, 2015

Eco-friendly Hotels London

Going green is latest trend with many top hotels and attractions in London. Environmental concerns are on rise and affect many day-to-day decisions we make. Today, people want to know more about green credentials before buying a product, or taking any consumer decision. For some eco-warriors, selection a hotel is dictated by these factors too.

Keeping in mind these eco-friendly factors, many top accommodations in London have made efforts to go green. These green London hotels are popping up all across the city, giving visitors a chance to choose a comfortable lodging, with knowledge that they are actively contributing to combat global climate change.

Here are few top eco-friendly hotels in London, which you can book in 2015:

Eco-friendly hotels
Eco-friendly hotels
Apex Hotel
Apex Hotel

Apex London Wall Hotel

Located in the financial heart of London, this 4-star hotel is committed to focus on green initiatives and policies. Apex London Wall Hotel constantly monitors and reduces consumption levels. It converts environmental efforts into revenue generation or cost-reduction opportunities too. It has in place a separate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, which is supported by every employee working here.

This hotel features a new sustainable design, with energy efficient technology to produce less carbon emissions. The building here works on a thermal model, and features low energy LED lamps. You will find card readers in each bedroom to switch off electrical appliances, lights, and air coolers.

Hotel Cavendish
Hotel Cavendish

Hotel Cavendish

The Cavendish London green team has implemented eco-friendly policies to build a sustainable future for Hotel Cavendish. This London hotel has in store low energy light bulbs in each room along with dual flush toilets to save water. There is a dedicated recycling unit where they recycle plastic, glass, paper, tin cans, mobile phones, cardboard, and polythene wrappers. The obsolete IT equipment is recycled through charities. The latest initiatives include energy saving lighting, dimmers, energy efficient lifts, and Keypark systems. Hotel kitchen uses organic produce, serving high quality food to their guests. The staff also monitors water, gas, and electricity consumption on weekly basis to check reducing consumption levels.

Hotel Mayfair London Map

The May Fair Hotel

The May Fair Hotel is committed towards wellbeing of the planet and its present and future guests. This hotel continually improves overall ecological and carbon footprint, without compromising customer satisfaction. All employees here are provided training to reach point of self-empowerment and meet environment goals. This London hotel complies with all national and international sustainability legislation. The hotel staff ensures efficient management of waste production, with least possible negative impact on the environment. Employees here also work together towards conserving natural resources and energy to reduce overall ecological and carbon footprint.

These hotels minimise their impact on the environment, offering an eco-friendly stay to travellers. If you are travelling to London in 2015, make sure you book an accommodation at these hotels. These green hotels in London have best facilities and services to make your trip more pleasant.

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