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Reasons Why I Love Puerto Rico

Updated on May 6, 2016

Is The island of Enchament

This is the true name for this island. Once you visit Puerto Rico you will discover that what they say about it is true. From blue beaches to rain forest you can have it all in one place. Imagine spending your day fishing in a tropical weather with your family members and your friends. In this island everything is possible.

deep sea fishing in puerto rico
deep sea fishing in puerto rico | Source

Food Is Amazing

The island has a lot to offer and as a food lover I like to try new things. Yes you can find all the american stuff in the island since Puerto Rico is considered a US colony, but the local food is really good. If you go there make sure you try the Pasteles, arroz con gandules and Lechon. You can combine that with "el chinchorreo" which is an activity that you can do with your friends and familty members, you will need to create a route and visit these littles establishments who offer all types of local food and drinks.

Chincorreo Route

I Love Fishing

As I mentioned before there are a lot of activities you can perform in the island. You can spend the day at the mall, visit El Yunque, do some kayaking in a lagoon or you can go fishing. I spend last december in the island fishing with some family members and it was super dope. I met Captain Omar Orraca, he's very knowledgeable about fishing, every time I visit Puerto Rico I make sure I schedule a fishing trip with him for two days. The experience is amazing, Omar will share with you all his knowledge to get you a tarpon in the line and he will share all this amazing stories about fishing.

Captain Omar Orraca


Discover Puerto Rico

When you visit Puerto Rico you will discover that you will never get bored of Puerto Rico, there are places you can go, visit and discover while you're in the island. Places that I will recommend are: El Yunque, Isla Culebra, Cabo Rojo, Viejo San Juan, Hutuado, and all Puerto Rico.

When Visiting Puerto Rico

For Turism
For The Beach
Nights Out
Bring your Go Pro
Sun Block
Carry Extra Cash for Taxi
Carry Mosquito Repellent
Bring a Cooler
Make sure to Visit Local Brews
Carry a Water Proof Case for Water Adventures
Bring a Chair and Umbrella
Charge Your Camera/Phone for Pics

Puerto Rico a Paradise Destination

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer and in the last 4 visits I haven't been able to discover everything. Make sure in your first visit to cover all the most visited places like El Morro, El Yunque, Bioluminescent Bay in La Parguera and enjoy the night life in the island. I covered all these places during my first visit and it was awesome!

Have you been in Puerto Rico before? what do you like about the island? share your thoughts below.


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