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30 Things You Didn't Know About Cyprus

Updated on May 20, 2013

(1) Location

Cyprus is an independent island, in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The boarding country's are Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Gaza Strip. Cyprus is 3,571 square miles, and about one and one-half the size of Delaware.

(2) Independent's

In 1960 Cyprus gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Although in 1983 Turkey declared itself the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, no country really holds that belief, and the UN holds a buffering zone between them.

(3) Language

There are two languages spoken in Cyprus, the main language is Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot. Depending on which side of the island you are based on, depends on what language is spoken.

(4) Religion

Cyprus has a very deep religious background, from Christianity to Greek mythology. Cyprus bared home for the Greek goddess Aphrodite, to Christian apostles Paul, and Barnabas. Throughout this historical island you will find, monuments dedicated to prayer, devotion, and for this reason Cyprus is known as the island of saints.

(5) Prohibited

It is prohibited to import agriculture, fruit, vegetables, flowers, dry nuts, seeds, bulbs, bulb-wood sticks, and cuttings. Due to sickness that can be spread, to nations.

(6) Currency

In January 1st 2008, the Cyprus pound, was changed to the Euro. There are seven denomination's of Euro, 5,10,20,50,100,200, and 500. The Euro is various colors, and sizes, depending upon amount, going from largest denomination as largest size.

(7) Stone Age

In Liopetri, has been found cave drawings, these drawings are believed to be dated back to the Palaeolithic period, or 8500 BC. These were the first humans to be upon the island, although its not sure if they lived there, or used the land for hunting.

(8) Climate

The temperatures of Cyprus are based off the Mediterranean sea. This makes the summers dry due to the salt, and cool in the winters due to being surrounded by water.

(9) Districts

Cyprus has been divided into six districts, each has been named after its capital. The districts consist of the following: Famagusta district, Larnaca district, Limassol district, Nicosia district, and Paphos district.

(10) Beaches

There are a vast number of beaches that surround Cyprus, each having there own quality and style. Here are a few of them and what they offer to the country, as well as to visitors.

Phinikoudes Beach is the most famous beach in Cyprus, due to its elegant gray sand. Along the beach you will find cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and mini markets. Along the beach are several facilities consisting of showers, toilets, changing rooms with handicap ability, sun beds, umbrellas, water sports, lifeguards, and more. The water is clean, calm, and the waves are mild, and is see through blue.

Kapparis Beach is a secluded beach, that consist of golden sand, shallow clear waters, basic facilities, and is a popular hangout for locals.

Green Bay Beach, is a warm water beach that has soft sand, and no facilities.

Agia Thekla Beach, is covered with fine golden sand, with calm seas. It offers historical churches near by, convenience stores, accessibility for car's, motorbikes, bicycles and on foot traffic.

(11) Troodos Mountain

The Troodos Mountains are in the middle of Cyprus, and surrounded by pine forests. The mountain offers skiing resorts, Mount Olympus exhibits, tranquility, and rest. The tallest peak is 1,952 meters, and offers cycling, bird watching, walking trails, and tourist attractions.

(12) Food

In Cyprus, a conversation is never complete without enjoying a vast variety of beverages, that range from coffee, beer, brandy, and is accompanied with a snack. Due to importing food, the cost is very expensive. The common thing to do on weekends in Cyprus, is to gather with family and enjoy meals. These meals are so vast in variety that there has been incidents where tables have broken from the weight.

(13) Drinking

In Cyprus the legal drinking age is 17, while the legal breath is 22 mcg of alcohol per 4 ounces of breath. The legal limit allowed in blood is 2 ounces of alcohol, per 4 ounces of blood. This means your allowed to drive, only with one glass of wine in your system, and that varies depending on brand.

(14) Measurement System

The measurement system used in cypress is the metric system, of weights and measurements. You will find that temperatures however are measured in degree Celsius. Gas is sold by the liter, groceries by grams, and kilograms, fabric by meters, and speeds by kilograms.

(15) Population

There are over 43,000 troops in Cypress, that belong to Turkey. They are on over 36% of the island and are armed and ready. They can be found on land, sea, and air. There is also 200,000 people, that have been expelled form Greece, and take population upon the island.

(16) Hands Free

Its against the law in Cyprus to drive without both hands on the wheel at all times. In fact there is heavy punishments for driving while talking on the phone.

(17) Lies

In Cyprus it is against the law to lie, in fact its punishable by jail time.

(18) Education

Some people argue that Cyprus is over educated, due to 14 years of education, and most of the population holds post-graduate degrees. The education is separated into these sections, Pr-Primary education, primary education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education.

(19) The Capital

In western Cyprus, is a city named Paphos the capital city. This city contains quite a few historical land marks containing of Kings Tombs, castles, mosaics, harbors, and restaurants.

(20) Religion

More than 78% of the population believes in Christianity. But the island also consist of the Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox, Sunni Muslim, Baha'i, Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Maronite, and American Apostolic.

The island holds a very deep root into religion and church. It is believed that during the years of 45AD to 50 AD, the Apostles Paul, Barnabas, and Mark the Evangelist, and Lazarus, came to Cyprus to spread Christianity. This leaves room for understanding why there is numerous amounts of churches on the island of Cyprus.

(21) Egyptian Conquer

Egypt had conquered Cyprus in 570 BC, under Amasis II. This brief invasion left a historical mark upon the art, sculptures, dress, ceramics, wigs, and braids, can all be seen having Egyptian impressions.

(22) Museums

There are several museums in Cyprus, in fact every major city, has a museum in it. Each museum host a wide variety of material, representing the lives of the ancient's that had once lived there. The museums host art work, coins, pottery, along with a vast arrangement of ancient ruins.

(23) Khirokittia

Khirokittia is the most well preserved landmarks in the eastern Mediterranean, due to its evidence of a well maintained society. In 1934 Khirokittia was discovered by Porphyrios Dikaios of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities. They can be seen as three cylinder like buildings, with an open walk way, and bared windows.

(24) Free Health Care

If your a tourist to Cyprus, and manage to get hurt. You are entitled to free health care at Emergency Department of Government Hospitals and Health.

(25) Motorcycles

Cyprus has a classic Motorcycle Museum, that was created by Andreas Nicolaou. It took Andrews 20 years, of his personal effort to establish such a wonderful place. The museum features over 150 motorcycles dating from 1914-1983, some of these finally tuned pieces are Aqusta, Matchless, Norton, BSA, Triumph, Ariel, BMW, James, Moto Guzzi, and Royal Enfield.

(26) Flag

The national flag is quite different than many other nations, and country’s. It consist of a map of Cyprus in Gold, above the map are two green olive branches, all of this upon a white field.

(27) Bird Watching

Cyprus is used as a stepping stone for birds during migration, making this a great spot to go bird watching. Each year 400 variety's of birds stop at Cyprus on there way to Europe, to Africa, and on here return flights. The island offers these birds marshlands, or wetlands, along with food, clean water, and rest.

(28) Habitats

Amazingly there are several types of habitats, allowing for a vast variety of wildlife, animals, plants, trees and more. The habitats that consist are coastal, sand dunes, rocky, wetlands, streams, lakes, shrub-lands, cultivated areas, vineyards, orchards, forests, and pine forest.

(29) Moufflon

The Moufflon is a wild animal of Cyprus, this is a type of mountain sheep. This shy sheep is found in the Paphos forest.

(30) Summer Animals

Do to the dry weather in summer Cyprus, is home to many bizarre animals. Consisting of lizards, snakes, chameleons, and sunbathing animals.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      the capital of cyprus is nicosia

    • April Dawn Meyer profile image

      April Dawn Meyer 

      5 years ago from Belle Fourche, South Dakota

      beautiful! Thanks for sharing and voted up :)

    • tastiger04 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great hub, and interesting facts! The pictures are awesome as well! Thanks for the great info, voted up and awesome and shared! :)


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