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4 Fabulous Couples Vacations

Updated on March 31, 2010

Time away with your spouse or significant other can be a much needed break from the stresses and routines of everyday life. Choosing the right couples vacation can make or break your romantic getaway. Here are some options for unique and exciting couples vacations.

1. Cruise

Cruises can be an ideal vacation because they are all-inclusive and require minimal planning. Cruises will include your meals, lodging, and entertainment and relieve you of the responsibility of navigating in an unfamiliar city or deciding what to eat for dinner. You need only to choose a cruise and arrange your transportation to the departure point and then relax as the cruise staff takes care of everything else. Cruises are an ideal couples vacation because you can spend long hours sitting on the deck in the sunshine with your loved one, enjoying a drink and watching the ocean float by. Cruises will also include formal dinners for the two of you to enjoy, as well as romantic cabins with a sea view.

2. Hiking or Backpacking Trip

For the adventurous couple, hiking or backpacking trips can be an ideal getaway. While hiking trips require extensive planning and work—no one is going to bring you a Mai Tai in the woods—working together can bring many couples closer together, and no other vacation can give couples the alone time that a good hiking trip can provide. Spending time in nature can also give couples an ideal getaway from the computer – and TV-driven day to day life. It is also great for your health! Whether you go on an overnight weekend trip or take a week or two to backpack a trail, being outdoors can be refreshing and can bring couples closer together.

3. Resorts

For couples who enjoy the outdoors but do not want the hassle of cooking their own meals or the strain of physical exertion in the woods, vacation resorts offer a great alternative. Resorts vary widely, from beachfront luxury hotels that offer couples a view of the ocean, fine dining, and spas and entertainment, to luxury cabins that provide a wooded setting with picnicking, fishing, and golfing options. Look for a vacation resort that offers activities and a location that you will enjoy.

4. Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer vacations can be rewarding and rejuvenating for many couples who enjoy community service and learning new things. You can build a house with Habitat for Humanity, teach basic math or reading to children in developing countries, or assist in an archaeological dig. Whatever vacation you choose, it is sure to bring you closer together as you learn new things and help others! 

Image Credit: ralphunden, Flickr


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