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4 Reliable Wi-Fi Hotspots In Cuenca

Updated on September 4, 2012

A solid Internet connection is an expat's best friend. Why waste precious vacation hours trying to track one down, or put up with downtime when your home connection is out? Simply head out to one of the reliable wireless hotspots in Cuenca and you will be back online in no time.

Coffee Tree's logo makes it easy to spot.
Coffee Tree's logo makes it easy to spot.


Coffee Tree is an Ecuadorian chain of eateries offering a mix of local and international dishes. The Cuenca location opened in 2011 on the corner of Calle Larga and Presidente Borrero, providing residents and visitors with one of the largest indoor/outdoor eating spaces in the Centro Historico. The ambience is laid-back, no one minds if you stay for hours (be polite - order food!), and the restaurant is open from early morning until the wee hours 7 days a week.

The wireless internet connection at Coffee Tree is one of the more reliable connections in downtown Cuenca. It has a password which the staff will readily provide. High-speed it is not, but you can make Skype calls without too much trouble as long as you keep the video feature turned off. For email, chat, and Facebook it's fine, but YouTube and other streaming video sites require buffering time.

California Kitchen

California Kitchen is one of the fastest free Internet connections in town, protected by a password that is changed regularly. Located on Luis Cordero just past the intersection with Honorato Vasquez, this expat owned restaurant offers made-from-scratch fare that's delicious and clearly made with love. Be sure to have one of Susie's special soups and don't overlook the dinner specials.

The restaurant recently expanded its hours, and is now open every day of the week for breakfast. Sundays - Tuesday it's lunch only, with dinner and bar service Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. While a chocolate martini will likely not help your typing skills, this signature special is truly tasty. Weekly breakfast and dinner specials keep this place from ever getting dull, and there's live music most Friday nights.

Inca's riverside position is a draw.
Inca's riverside position is a draw. | Source

Inca Lounge

The Inca Lounge, already famous locally for its fantastic burgers and live music shows, is also the home of a great Internet connection. Speeds are high enough for streaming video, and during sports season you'll sometimes find people watching one game while streaming the commentary from their local channel.

Inca is closed Mondays and closes early on Sundays due to Ecuador's laws prohibiting alcohol sales after 4 p.m. on Sunday. Other days do note that the many activities and events at the bar make it better for a quick check in on your email or messages and not a place to camp out for a long-term work session. The Inca Lounge is located on 3 de Noviembre, near Solano and across from the military hospital on the river.


The Cafecito in Cuenca is located midway down the short street of Honorato Vasquez, between Luis Cordero and Presidente Borrero. It's actually a hostel chain, but the Cuenca location of Cafecito also has a large cafe offering a free, fast Internet connection with no password required.

The connection at Cafecito is open to guests of the hostel and visitors to the cafe. Background music is usually at top volume, but speeds will support a Skype call, video streaming, and emails, During the day it is usually not too crowded, but at night you may be competing for tables as you look for a quiet place to log some computer hours.


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    • WriterOnTheRoam profile image

      WriterOnTheRoam 5 years ago from Cuenca, Ecuador

      Updated 9/2012 to reflect California Kitchen's new location!

    • WriterOnTheRoam profile image

      WriterOnTheRoam 6 years ago from Cuenca, Ecuador

      Do note that this list is current as of June 2011 - I'll change it in the future if the connections change!