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4 Things You Must See In Chicago

Updated on January 21, 2015


Welcome to our article! We know Chicago has so many great things you can do and see, but there are four we really want to dive into briefly because we think you will love them. With that said, below are four places you must see while in this amazing city.

Check Out Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Zoo is awesome and large! It sits on more than 30-acres, and not only that, but you can even go there in the wintertime and enjoy some ice-skating. With it being so big, and home to many animals, and having a nice skating rink for ice-skating, you would think it would easily cost $50 to enter the zoo. Well, it doesn't, and it doesn't even cost half of that to enter it. In matter of fact, the Lincoln Zoo has free admission, which is rare for many zoos. Visit this zoo in Chicago and enjoy taking in the sights and sounds there.

The Amazing Willis Tower

Remember the Sears Tower? If you do, there's a good chance you still call it that. 'It' is now the Willis Tower, but nonetheless you should visit the Willis Tower, regardless of what you call it. The observation deck is on floor 103, and there you will witness the best view of the city. Make sure to bring a camera because you will definitely want to take photos. It's also worth noting that this skyscraper was once dubbed as the tallest building in the entire world, and it held that title for more than 20 years, from 1973-1998.

Downtown, Downtown And More Of Downtown

No trip to Chicago would be completed without a visit to one of the best downtown's that America has to offer. Downtown Chicago has it all, and we mean all! There's no shortage of dining options, nightclub options, theater options, shopping options and the list goes on and on. When you arrive in downtown Chicago, your mind will be blown because it is one of the best downtown's in all of America and you will just be amazed by it and you will definitely want to stay at a hotel while there because you might need a few days to do everything you want to do in downtown Chicago.

Navy Pier: The Answer To The Santa Monica Pier

We like to think of the Navy Pier in Chicago as Chicago's answer to the Santa Monica Pier in California. The Navy Pier is awesome and has so many cool things you can see and do. Trust us when we say that it is worth the visit from anywhere and you will love it there. Whether shopping is your cup of tea, or dining is, or going on rides, you will find it at the Navy Pier.

Visit Chicago

Chicago is awesome and you should visit. You will love what this amazing city offers you, but make sure you plan activities in advance because there are so many different things you can do and see in the amazing city that we call Chicago.


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