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4 Ways to Enjoy Bali, Indonesia

Updated on May 27, 2013

Bali is one of those hidden gems that not many people know about, but those that do want to keep it hidden. There are a lot about Bali, Indonesia that people do not realize. A lot of times when people hear about Indonesia they think about the tidal wave that swept away part of the country. In Bali, there are luxurious villas, historical locations, and plenty of surprises. If, you have wondered about Bali, Indonesia let me fill you on some of the things that you can experience when you visit this exotic hidden gem in Southeast Asia.

1. Bali surfing destination? Or more natural unseen wonders?

Bali, Indonesia is defiantly known around the world in a small, tight group as a surfing paradise. It has some of the pacific’s most intense waves coming ashore year around. But, there is so much more to Indonesia than just surfing. One of the greatest things about Bali is that off its coast is one of the world’s largest natural coral reefs. People have been fishing this reef for generations and exploring it has reveled some of nature’s most elusive creatures. You can to there is plenty snorkeling and diving available that you too can see for yourself the intense beauty of natural reef.

Bali is also one of Southeast Asia’s most intense mountain ranges under its many islands. This provides able opportunities for hikers and nature enthusiasts to explore some of the natural ecological and evasive beauty of Indonesia. There are live and dormant volcanoes that you can climb or bike ride on. There are places to bungee jump from hundreds of feet in the air for the daredevils in us.

2. Is Bali Safe?

According to the most recent information on the US government advisory board about threats to Americans abroad Bali is not on the list. This does not mean you should expect it to be any more or less dangerous than any other city in the US. The best thing that you can do is to be prepared and use common sense. Do a little research about the areas of Bali you are going to visit and experience. Do not dress like a tourist and flash money, jewelry or other valuables around. Do not go places when it gets dark that have the potential of being in unfavorable neighborhoods. Above all, stay with the buddy system and never travel at night alone. Just some basic, common sense tips will keep you safe and allow you to relax and enjoy Bali to the fullest.

3. Budget travel

Indonesia is a relatively poor country, so the cost of living and visiting here is probably around anyone’s budget. There are cheap motels, and there are also extravagant hotels for you to stay in if you wish. I find that the best places to stay are in some of the comfortable and reasonably priced villas that are along the beach line. You can stay in the tourist areas or off the beaten track a little bit. Both have reasonable prices and fabulous views from all locations. So, do some research and see what amenities you require and find the best deals from there.

4. Food in Bali?

The food in Bali is what you make of it. If, you are certain that you do not want to try any of the local cuisines then there are plenty of western restaurants for you to choose from. But, the whole purpose of visiting another country is to thoroughly immerse yourself in the culture and cuisines. I recommend staying with some of the local eateries. That will give you a real, authentic taste for what food is in Bali.

You can take a look at some of the high class cuisines offered near some of the resorts in Bali’s. Then hit some of the local restaurants for breakfast. Than at mid day for a light snack there are vendors all around the area that you can experience some of the delightful cuisines that are hand rolled and cooked right on the corner.

These are just 4 tips you can use to prepare to enjoy your stay in Bali, Indonesia. Most of all remember you are only here once and try to experience much of the local culture traditions, and food that you can while you are enjoying your stay.


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