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4 Amazing Destinations to Top off Your Bucket List

Updated on December 9, 2014

There is so much more to our vast world than what can be seen in an everyday travel brochure.

In order to open your mind to the amazing possibilities our world has to offer, below are four amazingly unique destinations that I hope one day each and every one of you will have the opportunity to experience.

1) Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

This first location is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Salar De Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat, and is entirely covered by more than three meters of salt crust.

Located in Bolivia, the Salar was formed as a result of the evaporation of several prehistoric lakes, Lake Minchin, Lake Tauca, and Lake Coipasa over 30,000 years ago. During the wet season, the Salar is covered by a thin layer of rain, as it has nowhere to drain. This thin layer of rain then creates the amazing reflective affect you will see below.

For those wishing to visit there are several hotels located near Salar De Uyuni. Additionally tours spanning up to a week are readily available for those who wish to truly indulge in the experience Salar de Uyuni has to offer.

2) The Jason Taylor Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

For a short moment, picture your everyday park -- tourists passing through, some stopping to relax and observe local wildlife, a few benches, full trees providing necessary shade, and on it goes.

British sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor chose to picture his everyday park just a little differently. He began by sculpting a vast array of eco-friendly sculptures to be placed in a park, underwater. Tourists who choose to visit this park will instead find themselves submerged up to 50ft underwater, swimming about with abundant marine life, rather than feeding the local pigeons.

This creative display is known as the Jason Taylor Underwater Sculpture Park, is located in the Caribbean sea off the west coast of Grenada, West Indies. The sculptures contained in this park depict people taking part in everyday activities.

In addition to the pictures below, this unique display can be viewed here.

3) The Fluorescent Beaches of the Maldives

This next destination could be right out of James Cameron's, Avatar.

The numerous islands that make up the Maldives, aside from being a tropical paradise, are home to tiny organisms known as bioluminescent phytoplankton.

These bioluminescent phytoplankton move in massive groups and (for those lucky enough) will occasionally emit bioluminescent chemicals at night as a method of protecting themselves from predators. These chemicals, in addition to protecting the phytoplankton, create the amazing visuals below.

Should you choose to go experience the fluorescent beaches of The Maldives, rest assured the area is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and comfortable accommodations are in excess.

4) Easter Island

Much mystery surrounds Easter Island, especially in regards to the infamous 887 sculptures, each depicting human faces, located across the island. Each of these sculptures, known as Moai, average a height of 13 feet and weighs an approximate 14 tons (28,000 pounds!).

These sculptures were carved out of volcanic rock by the indigenous people of the island, known as the Rapa Nui, for reasons unknown. The Rapa Nui have since perished due to what is believed to be a natural disaster.

This world heritage site is simply one that cannot be missed.

Time to Decide!

Which of these destinations would you most like to visit?

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    • Gordon Fisher profile image

      Gordon Fisher 3 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thanks for stopping by Bill, I really appreciate your support!

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 3 years ago from Massachusetts

      What an interesting hub. Four very unique destinations, certainly not your typical vacation spots. Great job.