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420 Marijuana Celebration in Burlington, Vermont

Updated on May 26, 2013

Listen up, weed-fiends. This one’s for you. If you’re anything like I was in my hazy pothead days, you hold the slacker aspiration of one day publicly smoking (with impunity) your cherished marijuana. Well I have good news for you stoners! You have the opportunity of fulfilling this mediocre dream every April 20th in Burlington, Vermont.

Date, Time, and Location

On that fateful date, at precisely (more or less) 4:20 in the afternoon, a fairly large number of students, visitors, local burnouts, and disbelieving gawkers gather on the University of Vermont campus to blatantly break the law in full view of local police officers and school officials. The celebrants peacefully smoke their weed while the authority figures stand by and allow it to happen. It’s surreal!

A markerUVM -
The University of Vermont, 85 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05401, USA
get directions

This is where you need to be at 4:20 on April 20th.

The Setting and Scenery

Let me describe the scene for you. The gathering takes place in a grassy area somewhere on the campus. I can’t remember exactly where. There are some trees around, and a few buildings. One of the buildings might be a library – I’m not sure. There’s also a sidewalk or a narrow road nearby. I hope you’ll forgive my foggy memory, but I trust you understand. In any case, just find your way to the campus a little bit early, then wander around a while until you find the group of smokers preparing to toke. They should be easy to spot.


The Call to Action

Find a soft spot of grass, have a seat, and wait for the appropriate time to spark one up and burn one down. You’ll know when the clock hits 4:20 because a few hippies will howl, a delightful scent will fill the air, a drum circle will spontaneously begin laying down a beat, and a smoky haze will rise over the campus. It’s time to get high!


An unspecified (because utterly unknowable) amount of time later, once everyone’s head is in the right place, the crowd will begin to disperse. It’s time to get your stoned self out of there and enjoy all that the beautiful little city of Burlington has to offer.

Exploring Burlington

If you have the munchies you can eat at one of many delicious restaurants or coffee shops. If you have cottonmouth, there are a number of bars serving locally-brewed beers. If you want to look at pretty things you can shop at the funky boutiques or check out an art gallery. Or, if you’d like to commune with nature, you can take a walk down by Lake Champlain – you might even spot Champ, the legendary Loch Ness Monster-style creature purported to prowl the lake’s murky depths. (But if you’re high, most people probably won’t believe that you saw him.)

No matter how you choose to spend the rest of your time in Burlington, you’re sure to have fun – because you’re high, and you’ve accomplished one of your lifelong dreams: to smoke marijuana in public without fear of arrest.


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