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5 Free Things to Do in Milan

Updated on November 19, 2017


Here’s a handy guide to discover a city full of life and culture.

Find out all the useful information and more!

Milan is a city full of events, concerts, drama shows and exhibitions. This big metropolis is full of life and there’s the embarrassment of choice when it comes to entertainment.

Yet many are still wondering which are the best places to visit in this wonderful city.

Here are our must five things to do in Milan:

  1. The Twentieth Century museum

This museum is open every Tuesday from 2 PM. and the entrance is free for all the people under 25. The Twentieth Century museum offers a great number of art works, including the ones of the so called ‘’Short Century’’. You can enter directly from the metro (Duomo stop) through an helix stair that is itself a work of art, reminding the architecture of the Guggenheim museum.

Here we can find renowned artworks such as the Fourth State. An epochal painting in which his painter choses to represent the rise of the workers' movement for the first time in Italian history.

As we enter the museum the famous Femme Nue by Picasso paves the way to an impressive and countless art exhibition. We also recommend not missing the small monography of Giorgio Morandi.

Going forward, we find Giorgio de Chirico's personal room, works by Michelangelo Pistoletto (including the well-known picture ‘’Girl running away’’).

On the last floor you’ll notice the Neon Structure created by Lucio Fontana. From there visitors can enjoy a strait-day view of the square, the Royal Palace, Piazza Diaz and above all the spiers of the Duomo.

  1. The Astronomical Museum.

Explore the fascinating astronomical world in Palazzo Brera at the Astronomical Museum!

In the museum are kept the tools used by the scientists of the Astronomical Observatory over the centuries. As we enter, we see dozens of charts and maps, fixed telescope clocks and chronographs, planetary and meteorological models.

Visits to the museum are organized periodically.

  1. The Botanical Garden

Visit the famous Botanical Garden for a relaxing afternoon between hundreds of plants and secular trees. A lovely place with free access. Many define it as a breathtaking oasis of nature, in the center of the metropolis. We advise to visit this place especially during summer and the weekends.

  1. The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

This propitiatory rite cannot be missed! We place our right shoe and turn three times on the attributes of the bull. It is said to bring luck (and it does!). This gallery is an architectonic work of art. In the eclectic style of an industrial construction (designed by Giuseppe Mengoni) are placed many high-end restaurants and shops.

  1. The Anatomical collection in Lodi

Last but not least Lodi is a perfect stop for a relaxing day trip. Here you’ll find the Anatomical Collection of Paolo Gorini, in "piazza Ospitale 10". In this museum are collected Dr. Gorini's anatomical preparations, so we’ll get the chance to observe mummified heads, limbs and human bodies. It is possible to follow a free guide that introduces a tour only for people from 12 years old up.


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