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5 Scenic Places To Visit In The UK

Updated on March 30, 2016

Beautiful UK Places

Explore The UK

Although small, the UK offers many amazing places to visit, especially in the temperate summer months. So if you are looking to get away with the family this summer but are on a budget, why not consider staying in the UK to explore the beautiful places all around.
Read on for a list of the top 5 hidden places to visit in the UK

#1 Fairy Pools, the Isle of Skye

Scotland is known for its beautifully rugged countryside, wildlife and coastline, but have you ever been to see the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Sky? They are crystal clear blue pools (almost like mini lagoons) and are perfect places to indulge in some outdoor swimming if it is not too chilly! Unsurprisingly considering that they look like they are straight out of a fairy tale, fairies are reputed to live around them, so keep a sharp look out for the wee folk.

#2 The New Forest, Hampshire

The New Forest was created in the 11th Century by William I as a royal hunting ground, and remains one of the largest tracks of forested land in Southern England. Highlights include the roaming wild ponies, Iron Age burial barrows and historical monuments within the forest. A charming corner of England, it is well worth a visit.

#3 Polperro, Cornwall

Cornwall has always done things a little differently compared to the rest of southern England, but it is a stunningly beautiful and quaint place to visit. Polperro is just one of the many charming little villages that pepper the Cornish coast. With its gravity defying steep and winding streets which perch beside a tiny little harbour, this is one beautiful traditional Cornish fishing village to see.

#4 Glen Nevis, Nr Fort William

Glen Nevis is located in the dramatic setting of the Scottish Highlands. Watched over by Britain's highest mountain Ben Nevis, it has not only been featured in numerous films, but is also a brilliant place to get away from it all and indulge in some serious wildlife watching. Located not far north from Fort William, it is also the perfect point from which to explore the islands of the western Hebrides, so why not hire a car and visit more of the breath-taking Scottish coastline.

#5 Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea

The Welsh coast is an under-rated gem, and Three Cliffs Bay is a beautiful example of this. Located not far from Swansea, it offers white sandy beaches a sparkling blue sea. It boasts a 12th Century castle on one of the cliffs, Pennard Pill, which is famous for its fairy legends. As if it needs yet more incentives, it was been voted Britain's most beautiful beach in 2005, and allows dogs on it all year round.

What are you waiting for?!

So if you want to get away somewhere scenic and picturesque this summer with your family without spending a fortune, then have a look to all of Britain's beautiful spots. There's so much to see that you'll never be bored! Let's just hope for a long, hot summer.

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