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5 Insanely Affordable Vacation Destinations in Europe.

Updated on July 19, 2017
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Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship | Source


Out of all the seven continents in the world, a summer trip to Europe is without a doubt every traveler’s dream destination.

Some of the experiences to look forward to include beautiful beaches, historical architecture, great wine, amazing people and the diversity of culture that is just a city away.

Many people dread backpacking Europe in the summer. This is because prices go high on almost everything from flight tickets to food and attraction sites. This is especially the case in tourist hotspots such as Paris, London and Rome.

Alternative areas within the continent offer some of the best affordable vacation destinations. This means you still get to experience memorable magic in the summer without breaking the bank.

Below is a list of 5 places in the continent that have Instagram potential and guarantee experiences to last a lifetime.

Olsztyn Gate in Poland
Olsztyn Gate in Poland | Source

1) Poland. (Eastern Europe)

Although often overlooked by tourists, Poland is the best place for sightseeing due to pleasant weather. It is quite remarkable how each of the polish cities has something distinct to offer. Krakow is a historic gem, Warsaw has a great urban vibe and Gdansk provides a unique maritime experience.

Some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites here include the Salt Mines, Auschwitz Birkenau and Krakow’s Old Town. Old Town has good restaurants, great nightlife and tons of hostels at affordable prices.

Celebrate Polish culture by joining the festivals such as Wianki, Drowning of Marzanna and the Juwenalia. Pay homage to the statue of Chopin, the renowned music composer in Lazienki Park. Traveling to this part of Europe has its benefits as you get to relish on seasonal foods and other delights.

If you enjoy nature, Poland has a variety of landscapes. There is the seaside to the north and mountains to the south. You will also find manor houses and castles that guarantee a magnificent taste of histories like the Royal Castle, Malbork Castle and the Wawel Castle.

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Diros Cave in GreeceGyro Sandwitch
Diros Cave in Greece
Diros Cave in Greece | Source
Gyro Sandwitch
Gyro Sandwitch | Source

2) Greece. (Southern Europe)

Oceanic landscapes with Instagram potential, beautiful architecture and relaxing islands make Greece the ultimate summer getaway. The icing on the cake is the fact that it is cheaper than all the other European countries.

During summer, most tourist sites are often overcrowded. Alternative places to visit Greece without crowds include Sparta, Santorini and Los. You can discover Greek history in Sparta by visiting archeological sites such as the Sparti Lakonia. Be sure to learn all you can about olive oil in the Greek Olive Oil Museum. A 30-minute boat tour along the impressive Diros Caves will also be worth it. When it comes to accommodation, Airbnb or staying with the locals will do for there are no hostels.

Santorini is a complete symbol of Greece. The cliff-side home setup all white with deep blue roofs tells the tale. It can be a romantic getaway where couples can enjoy watching sunsets at Oia. You can also take a dip in the hot springs of the Santorini Volcano. Wine tasting should be on top of your bucket list as the volcanic soil provides the perfect grapes for the best wines. Another highlight is the 3500-year-old Minoan town of Akrotiri found in the southern part of the island.

Los is the party paradise for backpackers. The island has great food that is affordable. Be sure to hang out in the Mylopotas beach during the day. It is filled with a lot of fun activities such as Scuba diving and banana boat rides. Enjoy the wild nightlife with drinks, music and dance.

Make sure you do not leave Greece without trying out the Gyros.

Tallinn Flower Market
Tallinn Flower Market | Source

3) Estonia. (Northern Europe)

Estonia is a hidden gem. Summer is the best time to visit this amazing country. Tallinn, the capital, has an immaculately preserved historic city center known as Old Town.

Old Town is effortlessly mystic. You are bound to find original Middle Ages churches, merchant houses and cobblestones. This is given a modern vibe with the cool town of Kalamaja. You also get to enjoy summer fun at the Pirita beach.

Saaremaa Island features incredible orchid and poppy fields, medieval churches, windmills and the enchanting Kaari Meteorite Crater. You can also use a bike or car to explore the Sorve Peninsula. Enjoy bird watching experiences at the Vilsandi National Park as well as the breathtaking natural landscapes.

Europe Bag Packing Tips

4) Czech Republic. (Central Europe)

This incredible country is famous for its extensive history, medieval towns, ancient ruins, beautiful castles and plenty of free hiking trails.

The capital city of Prague is an essential stop on any Europe trip. The city is famous for its spheres, medieval streets, Gothic monasteries, Baroque cathedrals and lovely Renaissance garden. The beer here is literally cheaper than water.

Other cities in the Czech Republic are less crowded and much cheaper. Head over to the picturesque town of Cesky Krumlov located on the Vltava River. The historical town of Kutna Hora hosts the eerie St Barbara Cathedral embellished with thousands of human bones. Be sure to go to the beautiful mountain range of Krkonose for an outdoor adventure.

Croatia. (Eastern Europe)

A markerCroatia -
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Borders Adriatic Sea with an extensive coastline

5) Croatia. (Eastern Europe)

Croatia has become the darling of most travelers. This gorgeous country is an up and coming travel spot with new attractions and other features yet to be explored.

Croatia is part of the Balkans and it borders the Adriatic Sea with an extensive coastline. Natural wonders, ancient monuments, delicious local food and memorable experiences have all made Croatia increase on the traveler’s radar.

The country has the Game of Thrones appeal. The forts and city walls of Dubrovnik became King’s Landing. The exquisite Trsteno Arboretum is the Red Keep’s gardens in the HBO series.

Spectacular beaches such as the popular Zlatni Rat and hidden ones like Nugal are amazing for water fun. The Plitvice lakes and Krka have awe-inspiring lakes and waterfalls.

The best fact about Croatia is that you can combine beach life with leisurely walks on the mountainside. You can walk up the peaks of Vosac and Sveti Jure on the Biokovo mountain range. You will relish the scattered wildflowers along with the sweet smelling pine trees. You then take it up another notch with a cool relaxing dip sea and have tasty ice creams.

Accommodation in Croatia is of good value. You are likely to find good hotels at affordable prices and cheap holiday apartments.


When budgeting for a vacation in Europe, it is important to have the following money saving tips:

  • Food.

Cheaper ways of eating include avoiding restaurants. Alternative options are having picnics, local sandwich shops, pizza parlors and shopping for food at discount supermarkets.

  • Accommodation.

Summer is a peak season for tourists hence hostels fill up fast. A good way to save money is by staying at a friend’s place or hang out with the locals through Couch Surfing.

  • Cheap flights.

Early booking and watching out for fees will save you a lot of money.

  • Reduce alcohol intake.

Do not over indulge yourself or you will end up breaking your bank before you even enjoy the rest of your trip.

  • Free city tours.

Take advantage of these free walking tours. They provide a great chance to learn some history and enjoy the attractions that the city has to offer without needing to pay for a guide.

  • Transport mode.

Eurail Pass will save you so much especially if you are headed long distances or through many countries. There are a lot more alternatives to traveling across Europe that are cheaper.


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