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5 Really Good Reasons To Visit Singapore In 2016

Updated on December 4, 2015

There is no better time to discover the delights of Singapore, other than the eve of celebrating 50 years of independence from Malaysia. Anytime is great to visit the Lion City and there is no better time than now to book a vacation. Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures. The fantastic architecture and technological elements made me think twice about the integration of nature and human-built landscapes.

Before coming to Singapore, I had read about the major tourist attractions like Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Zoo and many more, but there is much more to Singapore than these attractions. Here are my five really good reasons to visit Singapore.

Shopping Paradise

People say shopping in Singapore is expensive. If you are one of those who had worst shopping experience in Singapore, I can say you might have landed up in the wrong places in Singapore. The shopping scene in Singapore was exploded with a variety of shopping enclaves of all kinds starting from gigantic malls to small bazaars. You can bargain at places like - orchard Road, Haji lane, Ann Siang Road etc.

Because of low taxation and import duties, branded products are available at a very reasonable rate at places like – Scape, Thrift Stores, Sungei Road Thieve’s market, Bugis Street, Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza, Anchorpoint, etc.

Best Shopping Experience

Fun-Filled Activities

Singapore gave us a number of unique things to do. There are a lot of fun-filled activities to do from heading to a hawker food market to enjoying the nightlife. There are celebrity restaurants at Marina Bay Sands for a fine dinning experience and eating houses serve the some of the local delicacies for a nominal price. Your whole family will be spoilt for choice, with so many things to do in Singapore.

You can experience the joy of thrilling rides on friendly dolphins at Adventure Cove Waterpark. Whether it is skydiving indoors or riding a roller coaster, there is no shortage of activities in Singapore. Universal studio is Southeast Asia’s first Hollywood these parks that offer dizzy selection of entertainment and fun-filled activities. Get your family perked up with a variety of hands-on activities in Singapore.

Adventure Cove WaterPark

Unique Blends

The coexistence of contrasts, surprised me the most in Singapore. There are malls like The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, full of luxury brand outlets and a few streets away there is Bugis Street which houses 600 shops for budget shopping. There are multi-storey corporate buildings at Raffles Place and in Chinatown, stands the red and gold Buddha’s tooth Relic Temple since 1820, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

What To Pack On Singapore Trip?

What to pack?
light clothes and cotton shirts, Avoid synthetic clothes
skirts, tops, warm clothing
comfortable shoes, runners,
party sandals
Other things
Sun-Smart Gear, wet wipes, beach gear, sanitizer,Swimmers Ear medicine,sun-block,
Mosquito repellent

National Parks

There are pockets of natural wonders across Singapore that take you away from the bustle of city life. There are many national parks spread across the island which are connected by jogging and cycling tracks. There are some rare species of plants in Gardens By the Bay and Botanical garden, but, for a truly relaxed walked, visit the East Coast Park. These parks are filled with lots of shows and activities, and you will find a lot more than just watching birds at Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park

Beautiful Architecture

Singapore, is a treat to eyes with an architectural and creative bend of mind. It is astonishing to see how man has challenged nature and created a spectacular city skyline. But, apart from all the tourist attractions, what is marvelous — is the fact that a country with limited resources and limited land has not only been successful in taking care of its citizen but has evolved as a financial hub. These multistory residential buildings give a unique identity to Singapore.

These are some of the really good reasons to visit Singapore and everyone should experience it once in a life time.

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