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3 Reasons a Trip To The Disneyland Resort Is Worth It

Updated on October 16, 2011

Many people see a trip to Disneyland as something that is unpractical and a waist of hard earned money. There is so many places you can travel to, but no where compares to the magic and nostalgia that is Disneyland. So here are 3 reasons why a trip to the Disneyland Resort would be worth your time, and cash.

1. There Is Something For Everyone.

The Happiest Place on Earth is truly a place for the whole family. When they enter the gates of the Magic Kingdom, kids have a chance to embark on adventures that they could only dream of. With rides,shows, and character meet and greets, the young ones are sure to love this place. So obviously the kids are content and happy, but what do the parents get out of it you may ask? My answer is, Everything! Disneyland is a chance for adults to embrace their inner child. Cliche, i know, but oh so true! Not all the rides in the resort are slow "dark rides." Both parks offer rides that will take care of someones thrill seeking desires. All the shows are just as entertaining for the adults as they are for the kids, in my opinion. Especially since the PG humor in many of the shows is geared towards the adults watching. Also, not to mention all the wonderful restaurants there are to choose from around the resort. These restaurants, with fun lively atmospheres, will give the grownups a chance to relax and enjoy a nice meal. The plus side to all of this is, you can partake in all this great fun without the kids complaining that they are bored, because they love it too!

2. Really Can Be Affordable.

Yes, i know what you are thinking. Theme parks are a rip off. The tickets are too high, the food prices are outrageous, and the souvenirs are not even worth it. Well, that may be all true, but if you plan and save, then you could definitely make a trip to the Disneyland Resort one that will be unforgettable. When it comes to the ticket prices, i will be the first one to vouche for Disney and say, that even though prices have gone up, you are still getting alot for your money. Hint: The more days you go the better of a deal you really get. Now for everything else like food, transportation, lodging its all about finding the best deal. Disneyland is the only theme park, that i know of, that actually allows outside food inside the parl. So to save money, bring snacks in with you. Even though you are just taking a trip to a theme park a trip to the Disneyland takes planning and saving, because after all you are going to a resort.

3. Its Inspiring!

So i guess this has to be my main reason for every visit that I make to the Disneyland Resort. The place is truly an inspiration in more ways than one. When you walk into the park, you automatically get a sense of history, and nostalgia. There is alot you can learn, which makes each trip so unique and exciting. Apart from the history, Disneyland is a placed filled with creativity, and imagination. The desire to dream big, and do great things becomes contagious when you make a trip to the park. Disneyland has different meanings for different people, but one way everyone can relate is, it is a place for everyone to come and make memories that will be remembered for years to come!


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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I agree with all your points about Disneyland. My wife and I try to get down there every two years or five year old keeps talking about going it made an impression on hub...that will probably last a lifetime. Voted up and interesting and true...even if we do not a true vote.