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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Hostel Accommodations

Updated on November 1, 2018

When travelling on a tight budget staying in a hostel will definitely help to relieve some pressure off your wallet. A hostel is an inexpensive way of travelling where one book out a bed for a night. Usually, there is a room with a few single beds and different travellers share the room. If you have never stayed in a hostel this article is definitely for you, pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly of staying in a hostel so that you can decide for yourself. It definitely gives a whole new vibe to your trip but it is also not for everyone.

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1. Hostel types

The hostel can be primarily being split into two main categories, mixed and separate. These two categories refer to how the rooms are booked. In mixed hostels, you can share a room with the opposite sex whereby in separate hostels male and female guests are kept separate. But beds will always be single beds and you can expect to still share closed off showers with anyone.

2. Room size

Hostels usually have a variety of rooms available with a variety in the number of beds available in the room. If you are a more private person you can check with hostels have smaller room sizes limiting the number of people that you share with. Another great tip is if you are travelling with a group try and book out the whole room of beds, essentially having the room to you and your friends.

3. Showers

As with the case of your room, you will also be sharing communal showers, and its best to be prepared. I would suggest making sure that you bring your own towel, shampoo and shower gel as this is usually not provided when you stay in a hostel. I would also suggest that you bring along some flip flops as you are not always sure how the previous person’s feet where.

4. Free Activities

Hostels usually have nights where they present a variety of activities that you as a guest can part take in. The activities are usually something that is specific to the culture of the country that you are in and it’s a fun way to learn more about the region. Make sure that you find out what activates the hostel has to offer and make sure to sign up in advance.

5. Dont be shy

A hostel is usually a great place for meeting interesting new people. Nowhere ells would you find a variety of nationalities and personality types under one roof with the same goal as you, exploring the wonderful city you are in. People that stay in a hostel are usually extroverted and outgoing and its evident in the vibe that a hostel usually has.

6. Sleeping

If you are a light sleeper I would strongly recommend that you buy earplugs, or maybe avoid hostels altogether. Hostel rooms are like playing the lotto, you never know what you going to get. Some people might snorr and some might have no respect for others and be loud and put on the lights when entering the room. And with all its great attributes this might be the one offputting issue of hostels.


7. Privacy

I'm sure by now that you know that when staying in a hostel privacy will be almost nonexisting. But there is some that love it and some that hate it. It will force you to make friends and talk to people, but if it not your personality type to share your space with strangers it might become a problem.


8. Safety

A hostel is usually safe and there is no need to stress but when you are out and about enjoying the city you need to think about your valuables. You can not just lock your valuables in your room. They usually have lockers available for you to use, I would recommend packing a lock so that you know its locked up and safe.


Also, remember to search for their reviews on websites like and look at the picture to get a sense of the vibe you can expect. You are most likely to save more money, experience the culture and city better and make more friends than you ever would compare staying in a hotel.


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    • profile image

      Travel - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 

      10 months ago

      What fun reading your blog. Never come across some of your described accommodation styles. Wow, so much interesting reading here.

      Thanks, cheers Rozzie

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      21 months ago from UK

      My daughter found staying in a hostel in Budapest was a good experience and made for a cheap holiday.


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