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Top 5 Beaches Near the D.C. Area

Updated on August 13, 2017

Summer days come with a lot of heat and sun. But, what better way to cool down than to head to the beach? There are not a lot of nearby beaches in the D.C. metropolitan area. That being said, a road trip is always a great thing during the summer time! Make sure to hit one of these must-travel East Coast beaches on your vacation this summer!

1) Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is, without a doubt, the king of all beaches in Virginia. Its lively atmosphere and endless activities make it one of the most visited beaches. The hotels lining the beach ensure that family and friends can stay together. Meanwhile, the boardwalk at night is a view not to miss, especially with the free fireworks all summer long. Bask in the sun while reading a book or catching some zzz’s. Be sure to visit Scrambled on the boardwalk for a life-changing experience with their falafel and pepper fries. If you’re looking for a more quiet escape, go to Sandbridge which is mainly visited by locals. This is the trip you have been waiting for all summer along!

D.C. to Virginia Beach ~ 209 miles, 4 hours

2) Bethany Beach, Delaware

Chances are you might not have heard of this beach; however, that is all the more reason to go. It is located in a small urban town in Delaware with a population of just 2,000 residents. This makes it the perfect spot for a serene vacation that will ensure you get the best spot on the beach. The huge waves make it a supreme spot for surfers while the boardwalk allows for quick bites you can enjoy under the radiant sun. The location is another plus as there are plenty of nearby beaches such as Ocean City, Assateague Island, and Chincoteague Island, all just an hour away!

D.C. to Bethany Beach ~130 miles, 3 hours

3) Ocean City, Maryland

If there’s any beach on your list, it should be this one. Ocean City has it all from its 10 mile beach to the three mile boardwalk filled with fun family activities along the way. The spacious beach allows for many enjoyable activities in and out of the ocean. At night time, the boardwalk comes alive with street shows, fun rides, live music, and great shops. Not only that, there are also many other outdoor activities around the area such as biking, hiking, and canoeing. No matter how many times you go, there is always something new to see at Ocean City. While you’re there, be sure to visit Fisher’s Popcorn. Make your visit today and see for yourself!

D.C. to Ocean City ~150 miles, 3.5 hours

4) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is more than just a beach. Although it offers more than 60 miles of a sandy paradise, there are hundreds of other activities that the area offers. Take a break from the ocean and visit the amusement park or water park. Wonder Works is not to be missed with its interactive science exhibits to laser tag to 360 biking! Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, visit the Radical Ropes, the adventure park that offers extreme zip lines. From the sandy beach to the bright sky, there is guaranteed fun and adventure at any activity here!

D.C. to Myrtle Beach ~430 miles, 7 hours

5) Assateague Island, Maryland

Assateague Island is like no other beach you have ever seen. It is a 37 mile long island of beaches, bays, and marshes that occupies both Maryland and Virginia. There is a $20 entry fee to the island which lasts for a week. There are many trails that lead to marshes with wildlife such as deer and horses. Wildlife is free roaming in this area and you can observe birds, ponies, crabs, and elk. The island also offers camp sites, but beware as they fill up quickly so be sure to call ahead of time to reserve your spot! Stop by the visitor center for information about a handful of activities such as kayaking, biking, and horseback riding. The island offers more than just a beach with its marshes and coastal bays!

D.C. to Assateague Island ~ 160 miles, 3.5 hours

Now, there you have it. The top 5 beaches near the Washington D.C. area. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip and visit today! Comment below to share your trips!

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