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5 Types of Travel to Experience by the Time You Turn 30

Updated on February 11, 2016

As a rule, we don’t realize we are living a life at the moment. It’s only about“I’ve lived one” when telling our kids or grandkids about our pseudo legendary years. And this is because most of our lifetime and concentration is centralized on “huge” trifles. We get stressed out by oursupervisor’s look, the scope of things we are unwillingly in charge of, and so, at some point, looking around, we find ourselves somewhere we didn’t intend to, in an environment we didn’t desire. Go! Take your time to travel, and discover yourself until you turn your third decade.

So far, mankind has developed various types of travelling. But, what are the most effective ways to acknowledge your own self through getaways?

Solo Traveling
Solo Traveling

Solo Travelling

Nothing compares with staying alone with your thoughts and character. This way or another, it’s impossible to hide you from yourself for good. We have at least two selves in one and the same body. Our main problem is not making them get along with each other, but merging them. When solo travelling do you open up yourself best? Reaching your aspirations, preferences and dislikes, in other words, recognizing features typical of you is the way to gain the harmony all of us seek for during a whole lifetime.

Group Trip
Group Trip

Group Trip

When you tour with friends, instants spiced with freaky and funny experiences are guaranteed. Don’t be iffy about taking a group holiday with your most adventurous fellows, since who you have around matters to a great extent.

Road Trip
Road Trip

Road Trip (This type is otherwise named a “Caravan tour”)

Make your car a cozy and a nice ad hoc shelter, then start it and go to conquer most unknown roads. Alone or with anybody, discover your surrounding settlements, neighboring towns … countries. Sometimes, road trips are much affordable than a plane or a train tour especially in case of bicycles, which are another tool to see your neighborhood (yet, with a bicycle you won’t go too far). You are free to stay wherever you heart tells you. Pick up a place, have some time to soak up most of it, and then continue your way to another experience.

Family Holiday
Family Holiday

Back to Roots

Our mid 20s are the years of self-establishment and sustaining. In parallel, we sometimes don’t notice that we depart from our roots to the degree of forgetting our best values. Now we have a somehow different merit system, somehow different looks and changed priorities. Before you turn 30, go back to your parents, family, old and good friends to regain you. You’ll see- whatever used to seem so worhtless, now is a base of what you are at the moment. And finally, you’ll start loving your past. So, arrange a “back to roots” holiday for harmonizing your thoughts.

Gap Fortnight
Gap Fortnight

Gap Fortnight/ month/year

Currently, there are numerous programs granting opportunities to travel worldwide and volunteer at the same time. The European Voluntary Service is just one of such kind of chances. Some of the projects even allow to earn money simultaneously. Reaching a far point from your homeland, leaving in a totally different culture and experiencing socialization in another environment is a great challenge to travel freaks.

Surely, this list can be continually replenished. And every time you are ready to take the risk of enjoying life, pick up one of the aforementioned types and go for your dream.


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