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5 haunted castles

Updated on September 14, 2009

Balcomie castle fife

Balcomie castle fife
Balcomie castle fife

Haunted Castles worldwide

Welcome to this spooky castles page, with some of the scariest places known to man.

These castes all share something in common. They have a gruesome history of torture & death, and its no wonder the souls of the dead still wander the stairways, and halls, terrorising the living.

Castles have been used throughout the ages to help protect the royalty & people of the country, but, many a royal has met their maker in as horrid a method of death, as the traitors of the country who would be kept in the dark dungeons of the castle.

If you have visited any of the castles, and seen something creepy please leave a comment.

Balcomie Castle Fife

Made in the 16th century, this castle had many owners and Mary of Guise stayed there 12th of June 1538 on her journey to wed King James V.

The ghost in Balcomie Castle is of a young boy who was locked up & starved to death in the castle. His crime was that he wouldn't stop stop whistling!

He can now be seen sometimes on cold, and erie nights walking through the castle.
His whistle can be heard, and will send a shiver down anyone's spine close by.

Dragsholm Slot Denmark

Dragsholm Slot Denmark
Dragsholm Slot Denmark

Dragsholm Slot Denmark

Built in the 12th century by the Roskilde bishop, this castle has aged well, and is known throughout the world as one of the most haunting places to visit in Denmark.

All good things come in three? Well not in this creepy castle.

There is 3 ghosts, 

A gray lady, a white lady and the ghost of the Earl of Bothwell.

The gray lady is said to be a maiden who once worked there.Legend has it, she got a serious toothache which caused her alot of pain. She was cured though, and now after her death she returns to the castle every night to make sure everything is ok as a thank you. 

The gray lady is the daughter of one of the owners of the castle, who found out she was dating shagging a servent, and had her chained in the castle dungeons, where she starved to death. She now rattles the chains on a full moon night, hoping that her lover will return to free her.

The castle also has old cellars for prisoners. In the 1500s the famous Earl of Bothwell was captured there. He was captured there about 5 years and died in 1578 in the cellar. Some say that he was mad his last years-it's pretty understandable!

The bishop ghost rides in the court yard of the castle with his horse carriage. 

At night you can hear the feet of horses scramble in the court yard as if somebody is riding. But every time you look over your shoulder, there is nobody there.


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    • profile image

      Anthony Malkani 

      7 years ago

      I heard of a gray lady at bothwell castle, a homeless employee staying in the castle, who was bullied and drowned in the river Clyde down from the castle, she haunts the back of the castle for the 3 men that killed her... I've seen her too, playing hide and seek when I was 8 (I'm 13 now)... I was hiding in a corner of a room, I was looking at the entrance, and couldn't see the corner she walked from, she just walked out of the room, but it was still scary, as I was only 8 years old... I also so her on scaffoldings just recently, I could see right through her...


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