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5 Most Spectacular and Wonderful Islands on Earth

Updated on February 12, 2016

With time these islands have developed their unique characteristics. The life cycle on these islands, serve as a historical live museum for people and scientist who are interested in studying the evolution process of life on earth. The islands are formed at the confluence of the oceans, which gives rise to the unique climatic conditions supporting many native aquatic creatures in the ocean. To conserve this unique habitat, a few of them have been recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage site, The Galapagos in the province of Ecuador and the Fernando de Noronha, in Brazil has been declared as UNESCO world heritage sites, they are the best islands in world for vacation and to enjoy the undeveloped beauty of the planet earth.

However, the majority of the islands has been developed to lure the cosmopolitan tourist by providing a blend of nature with luxury. There are spas, fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, resorts, shopping complexes along with the beaches and craggy mountain peaks traversed with hiking trails. There are several tour operators available widely across these islands, who plan and organize different day tour around the tourist attraction of the island and some are specialized and guide you for adventure sports like scuba diving to enjoy the underwater world. Bali, Mauritius and Maui are the extreme names in luxury and style in the island vacation category. Thus, making them among the best islands in the world for vacations.

Here are the 5 most spectacular and wonderful islands on the earth that you should visit once in a lifetime.

1) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the best islands in world for vacation due to its natural beauty, tranquillity, cultural shows, the world renowned perfect waves and the perfect climate for relaxation under the sun, make Bali synonym with heaven. Bali is an Indonesian island located 8 degrees south of the equator and 3.2 km east of Java. Volcanic peaks wrapped in the deep green canopy and white sandy beaches sliding into turquoise water make a fantastic landscape for explorers to uncover the beauty of this island.

Karma Kandara, Best Beaches in Bali

Uluwatu Sunset

Kintamani Volcano



How to reach Bali?

There are several international flights connecting the Ngurah Rai International Airport and Denpasar International Airport in Bali, to countries in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. There are cruise liners in Bali and it is a must stop over for the South east Asian tours.

What is the best time?

Anytime is good, but the peak tourist season is from April to September, the dry season. However, if you want to avoid the rush, visit during the wet season, i.e from October to March. March is the prime festival season and is the best time to celebrate the Balinese culture. During June and July there are events like The Bali Art festival, Kite Fairs and Negara Bull Race.

What to do?

Bali is full of white beaches, where you can enjoy the sun or enjoy the adrenaline rush of adventure sports such as surfing, diving, parasailing, banana boat, jet skiing and white water rafting down the River Ayung by Ubud. The trip to Benoa Mangroves is an interesting Eco tour which gives an opportunity to enjoy the coastal mangrove from an elevated wooden boardwalk.

Hike to the Kintamani Volcano, to enjoy a fabulous view of the Bali countryside. On the way up, stop at Batubulan to enjoy the traditional Barong and Kris dance. And don't forget to visit the mysterious 11th century elephant caves and the Celuk Silver smith village. The temples exhibit the philosophy of Banalise culture and stand as a masterpiece of art in some of the most spectacular locations.

What are the tourist attractions?

Kuta Beach, Ubud and Uluwatu are some of the tourist attractions of Bali.

What is Bali famous for?

The Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur and the Kintamani volcano.

Popular attractions in Bali

Tanah-Lol Street Market

Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos islands are an archipelago formed by 19 islands in the Pacific Ocean, around 1000 km from the South American continent. The island is a chain of volcanic peaks with the most active volcanoes located on Fernandina, Isabela, Pinta and Marchena reflecting the process of island formation. Due to its location, at the confluence of three oceans, the islands have some of the most unique species of marine animals and extreme isolation has led to the development of unusual animal life. Thus, the islands are the best islands in the world for vacation as they are a unique living museum which showcase the evolution process.

In 1835, after the visit to the island, Charles Darwin was inspired by animal life on the island and came up with the theory of evolution. UNESCO has declared these islands as a World Heritage Site due to its unique underwater diving environment, biological diversity, and the on-going geologic formation and its flora and fauna.

Galapagos Islands

Isla San Cristobal Island

Gaint Tortoise

Sea Lions In Galapagos Islands

How to reach?

There are no direct flights to Galapagos Island. International travelers need to reach the city of Quito and Guayaquil on the mainland of Ecuador.There are regular flights from these airports to the two airports of Galapagos. Galapagos on Baltra Island is the busiest airport and second one is on San Cristobal island.

When to go?

Mid-June to early September and from mid-December to mid-January is the peak season when tourist visits the island.

What to do?

The island houses some of the rare and exotic marine animal and birds. You can snorkel with Sea Lions in Lobelia or Punta Estrada and hang out with them at the Bay on Isabela Island. Or hike to the second largest volcanic crater, Volcano Sierra Negra on Isabela Island.

What are the tourist attractions?

The islands offer a variety of activities for people who love to travel and explore. La Loberia, San Cristobal Island is known for the coral tinted sands and its playful marine mammals. The Turtle Bay and El Chato Tortoise reverses have spectacular sights and observe tortoise in their natural habitat.

What is it famous for?

The giant Galápagos tortoise.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Maui, a Hawaiian Island, is the most beautiful island on earth. The island is known for its diversity in geography, beach resorts and outdoor activities. To get some breathtaking photographs of sunrise, walk to the top of a 10,000 feet volcano. Hike through the craters and then relax on beaches with white, red and black sand. The frothy white water of these beaches are ideal for surffing. Or you can hop on a catamaran to scuba dive and snorkel on Molokini Island.

Maui has 14 golf courses where you can play with family and friends. And walk past the history and culture of the island at the Old Lahaina Luau, Iao Valley State Park and the Banyan Tree Park. Maui is the perfect tropical family vacation because of its natural beauty and wide availability of modern facilities like spa, shopping and fine dinning.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Kaanapali Beach

Molokini Snorkel Cruise

Lahaina Shop

How to reach?

Honolulu International Airport on Oahu, is the main airport of Hawaii. There are many domestic and international flights connecting Oahu to other parts of the world. From Honolulu International airport Maui is only a 30 minute flight. There are three airports in Maui, Kahului Airport is the main airport, and Kapalua Airport in the west Maui and Hana airport in the East Maui. There are daily ferry services to the island from Lanai and Molokai.

What is the best time?

April to May and September to November is the peak season. But for surfers the best time is in winters.

What to do?

Hike in the Iao Valley State Park and enjoy the amazing sight of Maui. Enjoy an excellent view of Maui and its beautiful coastline, on a road trip to Hana or snorkel or dive on a cruise to Malokini, a crescent shaped extinct volcano.

What are the tourist attractions?

Soak the sun on the most popular beach on Maui, the Kaanapali Beach. The other beaches of interest are Napili Beach, Wailea Beach and Hookipa Beach because of their white and frothy waves. Walk around the historic Lahaina town and make sure to see the massive banyan tree.

What is it famous for?

Haleakala Crater - House of the Sun

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 volcanic islands, situated about 350 kilometers off the Northeast coast of Brazil. It is named after its largest island, whose coastline is featured with jagged peaks and a diverse ecosystem. The island is habituated with less than 3000 residents, and three-fourth of the island is a protected national park and the remaining area is a controlled conservation area. The undeveloped beaches with coral reefs nurture the unique aquatic wildlife of the island and the unique landscape ranging from sand-bottomed barrels to epic scenery makes it one of the most beautiful island on the earth. The island has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001.

The crystal clear warm waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Sea turtles, dolphins, rays, and reef sharks can be frequently seen in these waters. Scuba diving in these waters gives a golden opportunity to swim with exotic aquatic animals of Fernando de Noronha.

NJ's Angels Fernando de Noronha

Sueste and Praia do Leão beach

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, beache

Green Sea Turtle

How to reach?

International flights from all corners of world reach Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil. From either of the two cities take a flight to Recife or Nata. There are daily flights to Fernando De Noronha from the two cities. During the peak season there is a 4 to 6 day cruise journey from Fortaleza, Natal and Recife.

What is the best time?

The temperature remains around 80 degree Fahrenheit all year around. However, the best time for scuba divers and surfers is December to March.

What to do?

Scuba dive with registered travel agents to explore the marine animal life and snorkel at Praia da Atalaia. Surf and swim in the crystal blue waters of more than 15 beaches of the island.

What are the tourist attractions?

Watch the spinner dolphins at the Baía dos Golfinhos, walk down the geological fault at Sancho beach and visit the Atalaia, Sueste and Praia do Leão beach to see the green turtle also known as Chelonia mydas,

What is it famous for?

Colourful fishes, dolphins and the exquisite natural environment.

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is yet another volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, situated east of Madagascar and known for the mountainous mainland, rainforests, waterfalls and the flying fox indigenous to the island. The island is one of the best island in world for vacation as it has some of the most romantic and luxurious hotels in the Indian Ocean, making the island ideal for honeymoon couples and family vaccations. The volcanic landscape offers stunning views of vast ridges of granite, deep gorges, waterfall, pine forest and woodland. You can enjoy the wildness of these forest at the Black River Gorges National Park. Apart from this natural beauty, the island also showcases its foreign influence in the colonial Europen plantation, Champs de Mars horse track and the 18th-century botanical garden which has some of the rare giant Amazon water lilies.

Mauritius, Africa

Port Louis Harbour

Mauritian feast

Beautiful Dolphins in Mauritius Beaches

How to reach?

The Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Air terminal receives international flights from all major cities of the world. There are many luxury cruises from South African ports like Madagascar, Durban, Rodrigues Island and Reunion Island.

What is the best time?

Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate, so you can visit the island anytime of the year. The summers of the island i.e. from October to April are warm and ideal for people who want to soak in the sun and swim in the ocean. During the winter season, i.e. from July to September the temperature is much cooler and ideal for people to enjoy hiking and biking.

What to do?

Take an underwater voyage off the coast of Mauritius with a submarine dive to get a look of life 115 feet below surface or take a tour on a cruise to enjoy the tropical breeze and watch the dolphins swim along the cruise. Hike on the Amber island with your guide, to get impressed by the its geological features, animals and plants inhabiting the island and mangroves.

What are the tourist attractions?

Explore the harbor of Port Louis and the panoramic view of the city from Fort Adelaide, get a taste of traditional Mauritian feast at the Moka village and enjoy the sight of stunning African game animals at the Casela Nature Park.

What is it famous for?

Sapphire waters, powder-white beaches and luxury resorts

Thus, whether you want to spend a vacation in luxury hotels, soak in the sun and enjoy swimming in the open seas with dolphins and whales, or travel to a remote island to experience the native form of life, there is a place just right for your mood. There are many more islands on earth where you will be stunned by the wonders of nature. These are the 5 most beautiful islands on earth which have a unique beauty, tranquility in its beaches along with adventure sports and water sports for an enthusiastic vacation.

Bali, Indonesia:
Bali, Indonesia

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Galapagos, Ecuador:
Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

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Maui, Hawaii, USA:
Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Fernando de Noronha, Brazil:
Fernando De Noronha Airport (FEN), Fernando de Noronha (Distrito Estadual) - State of Pernambuco, Br

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Mauritius, Africa:

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