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5 reasons why you should visit Portugal

Updated on June 18, 2013
Algarve | Source
Belem pastry
Belem pastry | Source

What to see in Portugal

  • The Algarve in Southern Portugal.
    The fantastic beaches and the fabulous weather is the essence of Algarve.
    And if you are not a big fan of beaches, there is also a good amount of culture and nature to see.
  • All the small cute cities.
    Between hundreds of fantastic places to visit, my favorites are the ancient town Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and especially Sintra, another UNESCO world heritage site. Sintra has Nature and a palace on the top of the mountain.
  • Lisbon.
    Fantastic city, cheap prices, good food (lots of fish), lots of culture.
    There is lots of things to see and do, stay here for more than a weekend
  • Go to Porto and drink Port wine.
    Or just enjoy the landscape
  • Belem, just outside of Lisbon
    Here you can visit the famous Belem tower, and have the original “Belem Tart” pastries

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