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5 things I want to do before I die (my bucket list)

Updated on February 5, 2015
This is so true
This is so true

Life with a purpose

I believe that everyone lives for a purpose in life no matter what it is that's what makes life so special for everyone in this world no matter where we as people come from or how each us looks like. That is why I think that everyone should think about what they want to do before they die some of the five things that I have in mind are: to visit the country of Peru, master a foreigh language, conquer the fear of skydiving, join the peace-corps, and finally publish my own poetry book.

Someday I will thats foe sure :-)
Someday I will thats foe sure :-)

Why do I want to visit Peru?

RWell the main reason why I want to visit Peru is because when I used to have cable I would always see this channel called Sur Peru and it would catch my attention a lot Peru is a country full of cultural adventures, historical places, exquisite tropical food plus the people of Peru also called (Peruvians) are outgoing and happy people to be around with you can learn so much from them.

Another reason why I want to visit Peru is because of the plenty of nature that the country has many of the plants that are in the forests are beneficial to healing people with health problems and I want to learn more about that.

Master a new foreign language

In middle school I used to join a french club and while being a member of the french club I got to learn how to say and pronounce several french words so that way I can speak it right. I remember learning how to say what is my name? my name is jennifer, the numbers, and when you salute people so it was several things. I only know a little bit of french but I am determined to learn it more and practice speaking it so that I can become fluent.

Conquer the fear of skydiving

Ive always seen people on tv do skydiving and when they go down they scream I guess it's the adrenaline excitement that someone gets as they prepare to dive down in the sky. I actually want to try it out for reals just to see how it is I think it would be one of the craziest things I will ever do in my life but hey it will be worth it.

I want to be a part of peace-corps

The reason that I want to become a peace-corp is because I want to travel to other countries in the world and make a difference in their life and in their own community also.

I love poetry :-)

Ive written a few poems myself and I like it because I get to express my feelings, my thoughts, and share my experiences with other people in order to maybe help them overcome a certain problem that they have had in their life or just to reflect and become better people and that is what I want to accomplish one day by publishing my own poetry book.

There is still time

Luckily I still have time to accomplish all of the activities that I mentioned I am 23 right now and still young. When my time comes to do all of these five things I want to learn more about life and use my talents and skills to make them come true and do good in the world.


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