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3 types of Amazing Tours to do on your Canadian Vacation

Updated on July 25, 2016

The great Canadian Vacation

It's always hard to plan out your summer vacation, nowadays there are thousands of options, and an overload of information. Whether your are a person who likes to book tours directly with travel agencies or do it yourself, it is always good to do some preliminary research beforehand. By doing just a couple of hours of research or by reading this post you will see that even though Canada is not such a talked about destination, the amazing things do to in the city or in the nature are endless. A veteran traveller myself (10 years and running) I used to think tours were only for tourists, and you wouldn't really get to know the culture if you went on one. But there are tours and there are TOURS. So have a read and you'll see some of the best tours Canada has to offer, that are not just for your typical tourist! Check out this local tours all across Canada:

Walking or Bike Tours

We all know that there 4 simple ways to get around the city: Car, Bus, Bike or by foot. I always recommend the slower options because although you cover less ground you will have more chance to interact with the locals, take better pictures, strike up some conversation with a local or have a nice snack. So I would highly recommend doing a bike tour and a walking tour depending on your energy levels and familiarity riding a bike! Now these guys are doing it right, the Fat Tire bike tour is an incredible international bike tour that always hires locals or australians (hint: australians are the best tour guides!). Now if you are a little more of a walker then a biker I highly recommend Tour Guys. These tours are action packed and are 100% Free (of course a tip at the end is always polite)

Food, Beer & Wine Tours

Now what type of traveller doesn't like food? Or beer? Or wine!? You can really learn a lot about a destination through it's local dishes, food festivals and drinks. The first thing I do whenever I travel is go to the most typical local restaurant and order the most popular dish on the menu. If you are in Canada this would be ordering Poutine (Delicious and worth every calorie!). After you have done some nice restaurant hopping I highly suggest going to a beer festival (there are more than 50 this year, yes Canadian's love their beer), wine tour or food tour. Here is a list of 46 food tours across canada, as well as an amazing food tour in Toronto, Canada's most multicultural city.

Canadian Wildlife and Extreme Adventure tours

Canada is known for its wildlife and animals that are very particular and different from anywhere you've ever been. From the winter to the summer there is always something amazing to do, but obviously the summer is much more bearable! No matter what type of an adventurer you are there are so many different types of tours for everyone. Some of the best wildlife and animal tours arehere: bird watching, bear watching, whale watching, and if your looking for extreme tours the highlights are: Mountain biking or extreme Kayaking.

Tours, Tours and more Tours!

If you mouth is already watering and you're thinking of coming to Canada in the summer, check out these options: 50 tours in Canada, Top 11 tours in Vancouver and Lonely Planet's top tours. Canadians take such great passion in what makes their destination so amazing, so don't hesitate and come and visit Canada this summer :))


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