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6 Tips to Make Your Living Room Stand Out With Uniquely Designed Flower Vases

Updated on July 28, 2017

Your living room is one of the places that can be said that most time is spent there because it is strategically situated such that when you are entering or leaving the house, you have to pass it on your way out or in.

Also it is where you spend the most time compared to the other rooms of the house by activities such as watching television, interaction with family members and neighbours or visitors and relaxing after a hard days` work.

Due to this, you have to make the living room worth staying in terms of appeal and uniqueness. This can be done by adding decorations which include among other things, flower vases.


There are a number of different types of flower vases and each serve a different purpose. The shape of the flower vase also influences the overall result. Flower vases are artworks in themselves hence when properly installed, they can stand out. The following are some of the tips to consider;-

Bud flower vase

If you want to have a minimalist look in your living room, then this is your choice vase. The bud flower vase is normally the smallest of all but usually comes in handy especially when you are planning to place just a few flowers which have stemmed blossoms. Bud vases can be your ideal selection because they prove to be a marvellous centrepiece for the dining table. Further, these vases are outstanding when it comes to displaying flowers in perfect shape when the rest of the flowers have perished.

Cylindrical flower vase

These flower vasesare cylindrical in shape and made of glass. It is recommended that if you want to place more flowers, you have to use a large vase. These types of vases that are tall and cylindrical, this is so as to display long and ridged stemmed flowers like the sunflower. It is a modern style vase because of its narrow shape and style, bringing out the exotic flower arrangement.

Classic flower vases

This is the best choice for you who prefers traditional flower arrangements, placing a large bunch of flowers that are the same colour or even display of mixed flower bouquets. You have to ensure that before installing them, you measure stems of the flower by holding the flowers against the length of the vase and cut them based on the measured length so as to fit well in in line with the vase features which include a narrow neck and a fuller base. You can place them near staircases so as to fill up the empty space.

Cube flower vases

For your living room to have a modern and fashionable touch, you can opt for a cube flower vase because it is ideal for placing short flowers considering that they are quite small. You can place them on coffee or side tables and sometimes the bathroom too.

Clay vases

If you want to add that natural taste to your living room, then the clay vase is the best choice. They are usually made out of clay and painted with shouting colours which are appealing to the eye and may also match with the room`s colour hence blending in. Mostly placed at corners of the room because of their large size.


If by any chance you want to add a little bit of glamour and appeal to your living room, then the above mentioned tips would go a long way in ensuring that it happens.


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