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7 Best places to visit in India during Christmas 2017

Updated on December 11, 2017
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Author, being an archeologist, loves to visit the heritage site around the world. Her interest evolved to be greater after taking a tour of

Ever wondered why a Christmas celebrated in India will be your best Christmas ever? The traditions in India relating to Christmas is as alive and enthralling as you’d see anywhere in the world. There is no reason beyond a shadow of doubt that India celebrates Christmas like no other nation. Here are few places to definitely visit in India during the Christmas season

1) Goa – It is a home to more than 400 churches which in itself is testimonial of love and respect for the festive season. When you visit Goa, you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the illumination and decorative handiwork of native goans. It is definitely a home away from home. To make your visit memorable and immersive it is best that you attend the midnight mass which that starts at 10pm. Once you’ve paid respect in form of a prayer, it is best to end the day with a signature Christmas-sy meal. Roasted Turkey, an assortment of grilled sea food and Bebinca, the signature dessert of Goa. There are many heart-throbbing eye-candies to witness in Goa like fire-works at the beach and the late night parties.

2) Shillong – Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and one of the state that has completely adopted the Western culture and the English Language. In order for you to set foot in this earthly paradise, the gateway is Guwahati. When you spend your Christmas vacation in Shillong, you’ll be astonished and flabbergasted at the earnest shopping ritual that precedes the family supper. You can witness the love for Christmas first hand by walking through the busy streets of Police Bazaar. Chocolate cakes, Muffins, Pastries and assorted cheese cakes raise your heart beat in delight. To mark the tradition, the biggest catholic cathedral church at Laitumkhurah celebrates the occasion with the midnight mass. There are festive-specific foods prepared by the natives of Shillong.

3) Pondicherry – Unlike others, Pondicherry boasts about clean, serene and tranquilizing experience. Despite Christmas’s infinite appeal within the state, it never gets crowded. This makes for a sedative yet celebratory vibe. When it comes to diversity in Catholic churches you’ll be spellbound by sheer options that Pondicherry (Now called Puducherry) has to offer. This makes for a sublime experience by attending the midnight mass. Make sure to prepare a bucket list because there is a host of Christmas activities that you’ll find yourself hard-pressed for time. Activities such as attending the mass, Witness Christmas exclusive decorations, Swing by the beaches, Take a trip to Auroville and the Sri-Aurobindo Ashram and lastly, live the life of native by engaging in their customary practices.

4) Kerala – It’d be unfair to not mention one of most beautiful state in India in this list. What makes Kerala a personal favorite amongst foreign as well as Indian tourist is its unity in diversity. Unlike Goa or Shillong, Kerala also treads along the softer side of the celebration devoid of loud noise, party and social affairs. Fort Kochi presents an excellent whiff of historical significance. The eclectic mix of colonial British & Portuguese imprints makes for an authentic experience. Fort Kochi is must visit to attend the midnight mass. Streets across Fort Kochi are pepper with hotels that prepare freshly chopped and cooked Turkey meal during the day’s end on Christmas.

5) Mumbai – Three churches in Mumbai marks the celebration of birth of Christ. Mount Mary’s Basillic, Gloria Church and Saint Andrew’s Church located in Bandra, Byculla and Bandra West. What good is Christmas if you haven’t taken a stroll in the most colorful lively markets in Mumbai? Markets in Hill Road West Mumbai, Crawford Market in Dhobi Talao and Colaba Causeway in Colaba will satiate your appetite for shopping.

6) Kolkata – The state is known for its fondness for Christmas and it shows in the life of the locale. To fully experience the joy of celebration in Kolkatta, St. Paul’s cathedral holds a mighty spot. This church celebrates inter-faith harmony and holds a choir to pay respect to arrival of Christmas. To add icing on the cake, take a cheerful trip to Bow Barracks. You’ll be astounded by lively vibe filled with hymns, carols, music and wine.

7) Delhi – The heart of India offers a variety of activities to choose from. Nevertheless the one that really takes the cake is the midnight mass. Held in the chilly winters of Delhi, the mass in itself brings along with it a serene and chilling atmosphere at 50-C Niti marg Chanakyapuri. To get the taste of the best roast turkey in the city, don’t forget to visit Olive Bar & Kitchen at Janpath Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

© 2017 Christina Wunch


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