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7 Central Americas Greatest Beaches

Updated on January 31, 2012

The great thing about Central America is that you are never exceeding far from a beach. No matter which country you decide to venture into there is going to be a beach only a few hours away. Now choosing which one of, those beaches is the best takes a little effort. Let’s see if I can help you narrow down your Central American beach list by giving you the top 7 beaches in Central America.

1. Ambergris Caye, Belize – Belize’s beaches have been rated hundreds of times as having some of the most exotic beaches in the world. Ambergris is the largest beach in all of Belize. It is actually part of a larger eco system that enjoys the beauty of having a exceptionally large coral reef nearby. There are incredible views above and below the water. Each with the hint of the traditional Caribbean heritage that is so commonly known.

2. Playa Tunco, El Salvador – This is one of Central Americans hidden gems. There is a lot of uneasiness when it comes to El Salvador. But, I have been there, and reports are truly exaggerated in regards to the safety issues. The beaches here are pristine and clean. They are truly unique in Central America because they are black beaches. This unique feature is caused by thousands of years of volcanic activity that was in the area. If, you are a surfer you will enjoy the magic of the incredible waves here. This area of El Salvador is truly one of the most beautiful and a must see for anyone traveling through Central America.

3. Bocas del Toro, Panama – This is a small historical, colonial town that is at the very tip of panama’s north Caribbean coast. This is another hidden gem that offers travelers some of the most exotic attractions available. The clear waters are perfect for scuba and snorkeling. The pristine beaches are a terrific place for your family to melt away the cares of the world. The sights and sounds of the ocean can be heard at the numerous resorts along the water. So, take your time and relax in the tranquil beauty of one of panamas hidden gem beaches.

4. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio National Park is situated on the coast and offers three beaches in the area to choose from. They are all well preserved and maintained as much in their natural element a you will find anywhere in the world. The white sandy beaches on this coast will draw you in to the sun, wildlife and exotic sea over and over again.

5. Monterrico, Guatemala -Guatemalan beaches offer tourist a number of different things. Because of the geographical location, you can choose from two types of beaches the white sands beaches or the black volcanic beaches. Each is extremely mesmerizing in the way of sight and sound. You can also watch endangered sea turtles law or hatch their eggs. But, if, you do, please do not disturb them. There are many endangered species that inhabit the waters of Guatemala and there beaches so always take extra care to leave it as you found it.

6. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – Nicaragua offers fishers paradise. There are more species of fish off the coast of these beaches than anywhere else in the world. They are also the location for surfers. Many surfers come here from all over the world to enjoy the magnificent was that pound the beaches. Another bright spot on the Nicaraguan beach tour are all within proximity of magnificent ruins of the Mayans. No matter what you decide to do there is an endless wave of opportunity just waiting for you to enjoy.

7. Roatan, Honduras – Honduras has in my opinion the romantic beaches of Central America. The people go truly out of their way to make your vacation a truly memorable one. From the fresh caught seafood, whit sandy beaches, and hometown hospitality, you will enjoy every moment in Roatan. When you look along the beaches of Honduras you can watch the sun rays play tricks of the water ever slightly changing in color from pretty reds, greens and blues.

These are seven of the best beaches that you shouldn't miss as you travel across Central America.


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