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7 Different Color Sand Beaches In The World

Updated on September 1, 2016


There are an infinite number of beaches around the globe. Often do we come across beautiful paradise like beaches that look perfect with blue waters and pristine white sand. Little do we see colors other than that, these sandy spots are present in world in so many beautiful colors. Get your feet wet with a list of postcard-perfect locations. Take a look at natures other dimension to these beautiful non-conventional looking beaches.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

This one is a little exceptional, rather than the sand color its the water that makes beach appear blue at night. Often know as sea of stars this beach in maldives is nothing less than the magical imagery in the night. The long stretch of a beach gets covered by billions of luminous blue dots. Which is actually anything but bioluminescent phytoplankton (Lingulodinium polyedrum). These tiny organisms glow like fireflies whenever they are stressed or otherwise agitated by surface tension and acidity. They produce bioluminescence only in warm coastal waters.

The mesmerizing shining water looks like a mirror, that reflects the sparkling stars above. The most romantic natural lighting in the world.

Blue Starry Beach

Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland

Quite opposite to the image it projects Iceland has a spectacular beach with black sands. White flowing waters further adds just the right contrast to it's scenic beauty. This Iceland beach framed by a long black volcanic sand faces the open Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by the spindly Reynisdrangar rock formations sticking out of the sea.

Known as the wettest place in Iceland, the black beach in Vik also allures people by its hidden caves and folklore stories. The waves at Reynisfjara are especially strong and unpredictable, and fatal accidents have occurred at this beach.

Black Beach

Harbour Island, Bahamas

The pink sands of these beaches in Harbor Island are unique and really worth experiencing. The beach is word-class, vibrant pink sand! The views are stunning. The beautiful sand color comes from little coral particles mixed in with the white sand that glows beautifully specially at sunset. The pink color comes from tiny microscopic shelled animals known as Foraminifera. This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. I've never seen more beautiful water or softer sand it's definitely worth the trip.

Pink Beach

Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos

This island is special, and it is worth the visit. Covered in dark red sand the beach is the epicenter of Galapagos Islands. You will get to see many sea birds and animals around the beach. Rabida (also Jervis) is located south of Santiago Island and is often considered to be the geographic center of the Galapagos Islands. The red color of the sand on Rabida Island is due to the oxidization of lava. Definitely a place to admire unique fascinating natural beauty and wildlife.

Red Beach

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii, USA

Going to this beach is an adventure itself. Green sand beach is not easy to reach. First, you have to drive to the southern most tip of the United States, and then you need to hike 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the beach. The payoffs, however, are great! the remoteness of this beach guarantees that you will have most of the beach for yourself, and the scenery is stunning.

It gets its distinctive green sand coloring from the mineral olivine, found in the enclosing cinder cone, which was formed 49.000 years ago next to the beach. .

Green Beach

Monkey Beach Tioman Island, Malaysia

Sometimes the colour of a beach is not just dependent on hinterland geology, but also on organisms living in the water. The journey to get there is not one of the easiest. Beach can be reached from the north or the south by an easy hike of 1,5 hours, just follow the cables. But you can also hire a boat to drop you there. The beach was very clean and there are beautiful views up the coastal path.

There are a lot of monkeys from time to time. Blue spotted rays and different fishes can be spotted.

Yellow Beach

Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California

Purple sand on a beach! That's not something you see often. It's another Pacific Coastal Highway road trip must-do. It's a nice, secluded beach. This beach looks like it's been taken straight out of some Lisa Frank stationery. When the moonlight bounces off the slowly ebbing tide, the manganese particles that have colored the sand purple become a glowing, rippling aurora in the water. Purple sand is best after rains. A nice and quiet, clean beach with a beautiful view!

Purple Beach


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