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7 Important Tourist Guidelines for Traveling in Brazil and During Brazil World Cup 2014

Updated on June 12, 2014

Brasil World Cup Soccer

Brasil World Cup Soccer
Brasil World Cup Soccer

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Traveling in Brazil During World Cup 2014

If you are traveling to the world cup in Brazil, you need to be aware of the dangers and problems you could face in Brazil. I just spent 3 months in Brazil and the atmosphere is one of deep anxiety about the World Cup. The Brazilian people are angry at their government for spending so much money on the World Cup (more than any country has ever spent on any previous World Cup preparations). Over the last year, Brazil has been rocked by protests. Brazilians are taking to the streets demanding change from a corrupt government that is pocketing and spending money on luxury things while leaving basic infra structure needs unmet. The World Cup is now less than a month away and World Cup construction projects are still far from being complete.

Every Brazilian I have met in Brazil wants to be out of Brazil during the world cup. They expect traffic and crime to be huge problems. They expect the World Cup to be rocked by mass protests. Most Brazilians believe it will be in the best interests of Brazil if their National Team loses the World Cup. The government wants the National Team to win to justify the massive expenditures they invested into the world cup, while the ordinary Brazilian would like to see their team lose so it will mobilize the population to vote all the corrupt politicians out of office.This is the current state of affairs in Brazil, less than one month before the world cup.

If you are going to Brazil for the World Cup,

Brazil World Cup Soccer Ball FIFA 2014

Fodor's Brazil 2014 Travel Guide with Special Section on the FIFA World Cup

World Cup Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto is the stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brasil that will host World Cup 2014 games.
Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto is the stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brasil that will host World Cup 2014 games. | Source

1.) Expect Rise in Crime During World Cup

Expect crime to skyrocket. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and crime syndicates will be looking at the world cup as an opportunity for a huge pay day. Keep valuables and money with you and hidden at all times. Do not pull out money in public areas. Keep your money on you, split up in several different places. Wear a hidden money belt. Take safety precautions and never leave belongings unattended.

World Cup Soccer Stadiums

Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto:
Mineirão Stadium, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31275-000

get directions

World Cup Soccer Stadium Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil

Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho:
Maracanã Stadium - Maracanã, Rio - Rio de Janeiro, 20271-150, Brazil

get directions

World Cup Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

estadia nacional brasilia:
National Stadium of Brazil Mane Garrincha - Brasilia, Federal District, 70070-701, Brazil

get directions

World Cup Soccer Stadium, Brasilia, Brasil

Arena de sao paolo:
Arena de Sao Paolo (São Paulo, Brazil)

get directions

World Cup Stadium for Brazil World Cup in Sao Paolo Brazil. This is also the stadium of the Sports Club Corinthians Paulista.

estadio castelao:
Estádio Castelão - Castelão, Fortaleza - CE, 60861-211

get directions

World Cup Soccer Stadium, Castelao, Fortaleza Brazil.

Estadio Beira-Rio:
Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre - RS, 90180-240

get directions

World Cup Stadium, Porto Alegre -Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Arena Pernambuco:
Arena Pernambuco - Avenida Deus É Fiel - Penedo, Recife - Pernambuco, 54710-010, Brazil

get directions

World Cup Stadium in Recife Brasil

Arena de Baixada:
Arena da Baixada - Água Verde, Fazendinha/Portão, Curitiba - Parana, 80250-070, Brazil

get directions

World Cup Soccer Stadium in Curitiba Brasil

Arena das Dunas:
Arena das Dunas - Lagoa Nova, Natal - Rio Grande do Norte, 59020-510, Brazil

get directions

World Cup Soccer Stadium in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil in the city of Lagoa Nova

Arena Fonte Nova:
Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova - Nazaré, Salvador - BA, 40050-565

get directions

World Cup Football Stadium in Salvador, Brasil

Which Country Will Win the World Cup Football Tournament?

Which Country Will Win the World Cup Soccer Tournament?

See results

2.) Beware of Pickpockets and theft During World Cup

Be Aware of your Surroundings: I have witnessed theft take place in broad daylight and nobody does anything about it because they fear the backlash from organized crime. Do not leave items unattended or valuables in your hotel. Do not associate with people you don’t know. And be smart, certainly DO NOT go drinking with them.

3.) Beware of Protests in Brazil

If you see a protest, stay away from it. If it’s coming down the street you are, duck into a shop, stay out of the way. Protests often turn violent and shop owners close their stores for fear of looting. Get away from the protest as fast and safely as possible.

World Cup Matches and Where they are Played

Maracana Stadium Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Group F – Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina, Group B – Spain vs Chile, Group H – Belgium vs Russia, Group E – Ecuador vs France, Round of 16 – 1C v 2D, Quarter-final – W53 v W54, Final – W61 v W62
Arena de Sao Paolo (Arena Corinthians) Sao Paolo Brasil
Group A – Brazil v Croatia (opening match) Group D – Uruguay vs England Group B – Netherlands vs Chile Group H – Korea Republic vs Belgium Round of 16 – 1F v 2E Semi-final – W59 v W60
Mineirao (Estádio Governador Magalhães Pinto) Belo Horizonte Brasil
Group C – Colombia vs Greece Group H – Belgium vs Algeria Group F – Argentina vs Iran Group D – Costa Rica vs England Round of 16 – 1A v 2B Semi-final – W57 v W58
Estadio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasilia Brasil
Group E – Switzerland vs Ecuador Group C – Colombia vs Ivory Coast Group A – Cameroon vs Brazil Group G – Portugal vs Ghana Round of 16 – 1E v 2F Quarter-final – W55 v W56 Third place – L61 v L62
Arena Castelao Forteleza Brasil
Group D – Uruguay vs Costa Rica Group A – Brazil vs Mexico Group G – Germany vs Ghana Group C – Greece vs Ivory Coast Round of 16 – 1B v 2A Quarter-final – W49 v W50
Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador Brasil
Group B – Spain vs Netherlands Group G – Germany vs Portugal Group E – Switzerland vs France Group F – Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran Round of 16 – 1H v 2G Quarter-final – W51 v W52
Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre Brasil
Group E – France vs Honduras Group B – Australia vs Netherlands Group H – Korea Republic vs Algeria Group F – Nigeria vs Argentina Round of 16 – 1G v 2H
Arena Pernambuco, Recife Brasil
Group C – Ivory Coast vs Japan Group D – Italy vs Costa Rica Group A – Croatia vs Mexico Group G – USA vs Germany Round of 16 – 1F v 2E
Arena da Amazonia, Manaus Brasil
Group D – England vs Italy Group A – Cameroon vs Croatia Group G – USA vs Portugal Group E – Honduras vs Switzerland
Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba Brasil
Group B – Chile vs Australia Group H – Russia vs Korea Republic Group F – Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina Group C – Japan vs Colombia
Arena das Dunas, Natal Brasil
Group A – Mexico vs Cameroon Group G – Ghana vs USA Group C – Japan vs Greece Group D – Italy vs Uruguay
Arena da Baixada, Curitiba Brasil
Group F – Iran vs Nigeria Group E – Honduras vs Ecuador Group B – Australia vs Spain Group H – Algeria vs Russia
These are the matches being played and the stadiums where these matches are being played at during the 2014 World Cup in Brasil
Mineirao, World Cup Soccer Stadium in Brasil
Mineirao, World Cup Soccer Stadium in Brasil | Source

4.) Expect to be overcharged for purchases

You are tourist. If someone tries to sell you something, they will give you a price that is 5 times what they will sell the same item to a local Brazilian for. I met a guy in Copacabana who tried to sell us something. He told us the price for a Brazilian was 10 reals and for the tourist, it was 60 reais. Expect that you will have to bargain and that you will probably be ripped off anyway.

Brazilian Drivers and Traffic are Dangerous and Crazy!

5 Important Driving / Transportation Tips During World Cup in Brazil

1.) If you were planning to rent a car and drive in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, or Sao Paolo during the World Cup or at any other time, DON’T!

2.) Brazilian drivers are insane and traffic during the world cup will be really bad and really dangerous. Rely on Public transportation. If it’s cheap it will take longer, if its more expensive, its money out of your pocket. But you have a much better chance of not getting hurt or killed if you rely on public transportation. The saying goes that if you can drive in Brazil, you can drive anywhere.

3.) Brazilian drivers have an entire language spoken with the car horn. You need to know the language of the Brazilian car horn or you will confuse drivers and cause accidents.

4.) People I know who have experienced Brazilian driving or driven in Brazil thought they were going to die, the driving was so bad. If you are coming to Brazil, you want to enjoy yourself. DON’T DRIVE. Take Public Transport.

5.) Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo have metro systems and bus systems that you can use. Belo Horizonte has bus and taxi systems that you can use. A bus runs from the airport in BH to the city center, about every 30 minutes. Be prepared that public transport takes longer and you need to plan your schedule accordingly.

6.) Support Brasil Through Eco-Tourism

Invest in local businesses. Practice eco-tourism; spending your money at places that pour money into the local economy, rather than into large hotels and businesses where the money will just trickle back overseas. As much as possible, help the Brazilian people by spending your money in ways that put it directly into their hands, instead of into the hands of the already rich and wealthy.

5.) There are a lot of Good People in Brasil but you don't know who you can Trust!

Brazilians are very friendly hospitable people. Brazilians in general want the world to like them and want people to think well of them. You will probably meet some very nice good hearted Brazilians. The problem is, you don’t know who you can trust and who you can’t trust. Be wise. Be smart.

7.) Rio de Janeiro is the best World Cup Venue in Brasil

Rio de Janeiro is probably the most relaxing place to be for the World Cup. Sao Paulo is a massive metropolis with a lot of traffic. Belo Horizonte is a hilly city, sort of like San Francisco, with a reputation for its Bars and Nightlife, but Rio offers the best combination of beach, beautiful sites, and an operational metro system that can make your experience at the World Cup the most pleasant.

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