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7 Must Have Security Apps for Travelling

Updated on July 17, 2016

Travel Safety

Safety should be our priority in any part of our lives at any given time be it workplace, on road, while travelling even in our own house. Travel safety needs to be addressed first and foremost when planning to travel. We cannot control everything, but we can be smart at what we can control. Best travel advice that any traveler can give to the other person is to be aware, prepared and reduce your risk of being robbed or mugged or anything bad that could happen. And always carry travel insurance with you, you never know when the need arises. Never ever take safety for granted, specially in the fun of traveling.

While It's a good idea to do your research about your destination and places you'll be visiting in advance, see what others have to say who have visited the same place before you. There are some useful apps that can assist you and bring you useful information at your tips as and when you need.

Health and Safety

Safety Map World Wide

Safety Map World Wide App helps you assess the level of public safety on any place. You can view safety rating as well as read comments from other travellers. The App will also ping you with helpful notifications if you find yourself in a danger zone.

Safety levels of any given location are evaluated and then displayed on a map. It's a successful monitoring system of crime levels, for public to be aware of the surroundings helping them to stay more in control of their situation and feel more safe.

The Safety Map will recommend you a safe route, advise you on the best district to live in and guide you away from high-crime areas, letting you save your nerves and possibly even health.
Even you can contribute to a global cause by rating places that you have visited and sharing the information or experiences you have had.

Crime Map

Emergency Plus

Emergency + is a national application developed by Australia's emergency services, their Government and industry partners, helping people to call the right number at the right time anywhere in Australia. Person if in state of emergency is not able to convey complete or correct address is taken care by app itself. As the app uses mobile phone's GPS functionality so callers location information is provided to emergency call-takers with by their smart phone.

Emergency+ also includes Police Assistance Line numbers as options, so non-emergency calls are made to the most appropriate number. App has known to be useful to many people in uncalled critical situations. So this one is a keeper for emergencies.

The Microsoft Translator

The App as name suggests enables you to quickly translate text or speech, have two-way conversations and download languages to use offline when you travel abroad. Translation is available for more than 50 languages. Translator can speak the phrase for you if you are unsure how to pronounce the translation. So have real-time conversations in language (Traditional and Simplified) of your choice. Share your translation with other apps and save your most frequent translations to use later.

The App also shows your location to show you where conversation occurred. The location is displayed in conversation history.

Geo Sure

Geosure Travel Safety App brings to you up-to-date crime and safety statistics in addition to shared intelligence from global community. They give you a location-specific security score, that makes going to a new and unfamiliar location much more easier. The App analyzes locations all the way down the neighborhood level, and gives you insights on what crime level is actually present in that area with ratings ranging from Safe to Unstable. You also get to share your experiences and let other travelers in the GeoSure community know where it is safe and where they may encounter risks.

It has special women's safety section specifically regarding female safety in a particular location. This kind of information was never available to the masses, which is a big thumbs up and makes the street smart Geosure a must have for every traveller.

This app brings latest updated stats from trusted sources like the United Nations, CDC, WHO, State Department, Interpol, local authorities. An type of threats, cyber security, health risks, environmental hazards are also reported to the app users.

Travel Smart

The app provides immediate access to all the medical information and support you require whilst travelling abroad. International hospital directory enables you to view a list of hospitals by country as well as their contact details. The hospital’s location is shown by the use of GPS on a map.

There is also drug translator to assist you in medicine translation abroad. As well as a fully searchable first aid dictionary in different languages.This app is also equipped with a full list of emergency contact telephone numbers, for the police, fire and ambulance service. Again, all of this is available by country.

So, no matter where you are in the world you can rest assured that you always have up to date valuable medicine and health information at your disposal.


Travelling at a completely new place and got in need for an english speaking doctor. mPassport will search medical and health care providers and map them using GPS technology. Request an appointment with a trusted HTH Worldwide healthcare provider. Arrange direct pay for future appointments to secure cashless access to care. Easily file a claim either by entering information in the app or by sending a photo of a completed form. Find a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name. Audio translate medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations.

All these features in one app, a must have for your travel safety.


With Navmii you get traffic/hazard warnings, local search and your driver score. Your own private dashboard lets you keep track of where you’ve been, mileage driven and overall driving performance. You can view and improve your driver score.

Plan your commute using real-time warnings about congestion, accidents and other hazards, you’ll be in the know about what lies ahead.



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