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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Congo

Updated on April 14, 2014

If you like the adventurous trips into the tropical forests and you feel yourself confident that you can remember to stay away from dangerous areas, drink only bottled water, follow your tour guide and bring your antibiotics and anti-diarrhea drugs with you, it is almost sure that you won’t have any problems during your trip to Congo.

Now, let’s get to the fun part of our article. Here are the 7 things that you probably didn’t know about Congo and now is your chance to find out about them:

Bonobo, Congo
Bonobo, Congo

1. Congo, home of the bonobos

Congo is the only country in the world home to the bonobos, a pygmy chimp species renowned for their passion and love This is the only place where you can see these happy chimpanzees in their natural environment, just enjoying life and making love. Congo is also home to the largest western lowland gorilla population in the world, gorillas that can be admired in the natural parks of the region. If you want to take a closer look at these species you should book one of the tours planned by Congo Travel and Tours, the tour company in Congo.


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2. Congo, the former private property of a king

Congo was first colonized by King Leopold II of Belgium. He acquired the rights over the Congo territory at the Conference of Berlin in 1885. This way, Congo became private property and was known as the Congo Free State.

Tribe, Congo
Tribe, Congo

3. No pictures, please!

Taking pictures of the locals in Congo is not advisable. They still think that when someone captures a person image he also captures the spirit. So, you should consider drawing or painting, as ways of immortalizing the people of Congo.

Congo basin
Congo basin

4. Musicians of Congo are as famous as Justin Bieber

You might not know any Congolese musicians, but we can assure you that the music of Congo is famous and listened worldwide. Some of the renowned musicians of Congo are Koffi Olomide, Werrason and Papa Wemba. The main music styles are Congolese rumba, ndomblo and soukous. Of course, all these styles come with their own dance, so start practicing.

Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo

5. Kinshasa, the second largest French-speaking city in the world

It might come as a surprise, but it is true. Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. There are about 10 million people who live here. Of course, whenever you discover a French-speaking city, you will find delicious croissants and baguettes.

Brazzaville, The Republic of the Congo
Brazzaville, The Republic of the Congo

6. Kinshasa and Brazzaville are the closest capitals in the world

This is also true (if you don’t consider Vatican City and Rome). Kinshasa and Brazzaville are situated a stone’s throw away, on the shores of the Congo River. All they lack is a bridge over the river to make things easier for everyone.

7. Les Sappeurs, the Congolese that wear French designer clothes

Les Sappeurs are basically a society (some fashionistas might call it a cult), dedicated to high class fashion. Although their families might be poor, the Congolese men who belong to this segment of society wear only French or Italian designer clothes, luxurious leather shoes and expensive sunglasses. You will probably see them driving an expensive car such as a Ferrari. You can be sure that they paid for these cars in cash, because there are no banks to loan money in Congo (another interesting fact about Congo).

Sunset in Congo
Sunset in Congo


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