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7 Wonders of the World-The Colosseum-Italy- in Rome

Updated on October 10, 2010

7 Wonders of the World

7 wonders of the world
7 wonders of the world

The Colosseum in Rome in Italy

 Apart from the breathtaking architecture of the Vatican City, the Colosseum in the centre of Rome is perhaps one of the most tremendously successful marvels of new building techniques for its time as concrete was new at time of construction.

The Colosseum is synonymous with the battles of Galdiators and was designed as a means of entertainment to the aristocrtic peoples of Rome and also to provide a source of entertainment and almost Kangaroo court type of solution to the general public. This was deemed a prolific way of torturing prisoners and slave warriors for their own misguided law.

Other 7 Wonders of the World

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The Colosseum in Italy

The Colosseum in Rome was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre and was renamed the Colosseum after the demolition of the almost 40 metre high statue of The Roman Emperor Nero named as the Colosseus (meaning Colossal) was demolished to make way for the larger Amphitheatre. Nero was the Emperor prior to Vespasian and when Vespasian took rule after the Great fire of Rome in 64 AD, decided that in order to gain favour amongst the city folk, the games would need to return and thus the Colosseum was commissioned form stone to replace the ruins of the old wooden arena.

The construction commenced in 68 AD and took nearly 10 years to complete with Vaspasian passing away just 2 years before the innaugural games of 81 AD. Titus, son of Vespasian was to take over and complete construction of the stone Colosseum.

The Colosseum was host to a number a functions with the most predominant over the centuries being the place for ancient games and gladiator wars to take place which sometimes involved wild animals being entered into the mix for added spectator pleasure as well as the difficulty of the Gladiators tasks. The second most predominant was the torture and desecration of anyone who stood against the religious sanctity and beliefs of the Emperor of Rome at that particular time.

It seems that the Colosseum was built out of blood, sweat and tears as some one hundred or so thousand prisoners of war were to labour in the construction and mining of stone. It is also recorded that apart for the donation of wealthy aristocrats, the bulk of the finance for the project came from the successful wars of Titus in Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Roman Architecture in the Colosseum

 In the building of a new amphitheatre in Rome, it was decided that the Colosseum would need to be imensely stronger than the previous wooden structure that literally burnt to the ground.

The Roman builders had decided to utilise a new invention which they were learning to perfect which soon became the basis for concrete and thus laying of concrete support columns was integral in the success of the project.

Another interesting fact is the use of the concrete arches which rest on a slab of limestone increasing the structural integrity of the ceiling and floors above by using this mthod of stress displacement.

Vacations in Rome

 The Colosseum is generally open on most days except for public holidays like Christmas and new years day. The Colosseum will open daily at 08h30 and close at various times throughout the year much in line with the times of sunset.

When on vacation in Rome, it is best to travel by taxi as most of the popular tourist sights to be visited in Rome are within close proximity of the Colosseum. The Vatican city is a must for anyone visiting Rome.

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Thanks Dale


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