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7 of the Best Alternative London Tours

Updated on July 19, 2013

Alternative London Tours

Are you bored of the uninspiring London tours? And the same old speeches about Big Ben and Tower of London. How about a tour that gives you an insight into the modern London? Go off the beaten track and you will find a city that only the locals are familiar with. If you are planning a trip to the city, simply book your stay at one of thebest London hotels and gear up for an offbeat tour of the city. Read on to find unique things about London through these alternative tours.

Haunted London
Haunted London

London Horror Tour

Fill your day with thrill by taking a horror tour of London. This tour is perfect for families and those visiting with their partner. Though not romantic, but it will definitely get you closer to your partner. The ghost walk will take you to the haunted pubs and churches. The stories of ghosts, witches, and black magic and a personal visit to the haunted places will send chills down your spine.

To know more about the horror tour of the city, visit

London from Above
London from Above

London Aerial Tour

Do bus, bike, and walking tours don’t appeal to your imagination? Why not see London from above? You will definitely have a great time overlooking the stunning panorama of the city. Whether you opt for a helicopter or take a slower approach with a balloon flight, your experience will be an ecstatic one. If you are visiting with your partner, why not propose your love again and make him/her feel special.

London at Night
London at Night

London after Dark Tour

What better way to see the city than in the twilight. As the city lights reflect on the River Thames and the twinkling stars adorn the sky, the capital looks all the more charismatic. Take a serene and romantic walk beside the river and enjoy the twinkling rippling waterway. The magical tour ends in the bustling colourful West End which is one of the liveliest areas after dark. Theatre lights, street cafes, and party scene will fill your heart with the thrill of London’s nightlife.

Harry Potter's London
Harry Potter's London

Harry Potter Tour

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Ideal for families, this magical tour takes you to locations in London from the eight movies. Millennium Bridge, Leaden hall Market, and Piccadilly Circus, plenty of locations were used in the making of the film.This exciting tour takes into the magical world of Hogwarts. Muggles are also welcomed. You can explore the Kings Cross Station where Hogwarts Express departs from ‘Platform 9 ¾’ and also London Zoo reptile house where Harry Potter first discovers his ability to talk to snakes.

Street Art in London
Street Art in London

London Street Art Tour

It’s the London that you don’t see in guide books. Street art tour will open your eyes to the vibrant street art culture which is less popular but wonderful to explore. East London has become the hotbed of street art over the last decade. But the street art tour is not just about exploring the art on the walls. It’s lot more than that. It’s a way to get an insight into the vibrant history, events, and culture. If you have an eye for art, why not stay at a design hotel in London.

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Chocolate Walking Tours

Are you a chocoholic? Then a chocolate walking tour is the perfect pick for you. Whether you want to impress someone special or have fun with your little kids, this tour is best for you. It will take you to various destinations where you can taste the best of chocolates from Britain and beyond. This is truly a chocoholic’s dream.

Skyfall Locations in London

James Bond's London
James Bond's London

London Movie Tours

If you are just in love with Hollywood movies, then this unique tour is ideal for you. London has been featured in Hollywood movies plenty of times. This wonderful tour takes you the various locations that have been used in the making of blockbuster movies like Bridget Jones’s Dairies, Mission Impossible, and James Bond.

Travellers often miss out to see the best of the city. Sightseeing tours are not the only way to explore this vibrant city. Try these alternative tours and know London in a unique way.


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