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Helps you to know more about travel insurance

Updated on March 22, 2016
  1. What to do for incurred losses situation when you are abroad?

For incurred losses situation when you are abroad (such as lost luggage, sickness, accidents…) You should contact to SOS for support. You can find a global support contact number of SOS group on your travel insurance certificate.

In case of you have been sick during your vacation and you need to be taken to a hospital, SOS group will send their staff to guarantee hospital fees on your behalf.

You can learn more in “Guide for international travel insurance compensation”.

2 You need to buy travel insurance for applying Visa.

When you want to apply a Visa application to travel to foreign country, their Embassy may require you to have atravel insurance will full benefits (of: Accidents, sickness, Medical support, Travel support) with specific compensation.

Visa for Europe (Schengen group): The Embassy will require you to buy travel insurance with minimum benefit of 30.000 euros or $50.000 USD (as equal as insurance program level C, D or E on the internet).

Visa for United States, Australia or Japan: It depends on each case, the Embassy may require you to only buy travel insurance with the minimum benefit of 10.000 USD or 20.000 USD.

Visa for ASEAN countries: You do not need to apply for Visa, however, for your own personal benefits because you may have some risks when you travel, you should buy travel insurance for preventive support. For the best,

when you have Visa application for traveling to country or area, you should contact the Embassy of that country/ area in your country to ask about conditions for visa, including about travel insurance (the minimum compensation that they require).

3 You have children come along.

Travel insurance usually is for every customer from 6 months old to 80 years old. Children under 10 have to buy attached insurance and go with at least 1 adult over 18 who has full behavioral capacities.

4 Make a plan for your vacation

You should make a plan and buy airfares before the trip at least 3 months. Moreover, get cheaper flights at night than day, you should also notice the time, timezone of each location… to have the right decision. Also, you need to have a backup plan for another departure day. Buying travel insurance will help you to get a refund or full benefits when airlines change their departure days or time that may affect your schedule (check-in fee for hotels and other booked services).


  • Quantity: the usual system allows you to book 9 seats for the maximum in around, but we encourage you to only book 4 seats in around for a quick completion.
  • Name of the customer for a ticket should be exact, without special symbol such as @.
  • Error report: don’t be worry and just calm down to read the error report from the system for timely processing. If it’s busy server error because of overload accessing, you should press escape and come back after 1 minute.


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