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7 reasons to visit Mallorca in winter

Updated on January 22, 2016

Palma de Mallorca, city with the busiest airport in Europe, attracts tourists not only in high season. In winter, when there are scarcely any visitors and the weather is mild, the atmosphere appears boring, but the fact is – there is still a lot to do and the island is more hospitable than ever.

  • Palma without tourist traffic

Supposedly the most important advantage provided by visiting Mallorca in winter is lack of people. Not only booking a low priced plane ticket is much easier than in the high season, but also booking a hotel room doesn’t cause any troubles as most of hotels are open throughout the whole year, waiting for eager visitors.

  • Sightseeing in tranquillity

Palma de Mallorca, a city with population of nearly 400 000 people, lives in a rush during the summer. However, when visiting the city during colder months, you won’t be bothered with noise, traffic and struck with horrific prices of local souvenirs neither in the Old City, with magnificent Town Hall and Cathedral, nor in the Banys Àrabs, (or Arab Baths).

  • Wine tours

Tired of sightseeing? There’s no better way to rest than a glass of wine, don’t you think? The island, especially the towns of Binissalem and Santa Maria, surely can be proud of about 60 wine estates. Outstanding diversity of soil on such a small island allows local producers to manufacture circa 300 different wines.

  • Along the coast on a bike

Though during the summer riding a bike along the promenade requires a lot of caution and skill, in winter there’s not only much more space, but also local restaurants, cafés und bars are much cosier. Mild weather, well designed bike roads and scarcely any people around provide a lot of joy and tranquillity.

  • The mountains await cyclists

On the other hand, if you belong to cyclists, who rather look for challenges, there’s also a place for you: Tramuntana mountains. Long, steep climbs could be easily mistaken for those of Alps or Pyrenees, what causes many professional cyclist teams to set up their bases for their winter training there.

  • Dancing with demons

On January 20th a festival Fiestas de San Sebastián takes place and, as the party begins, demons and devils in masks come out of their hidings, dance around campfires and shoot fireworks. On the Eve of San Sebastián, January 19th, the city of Palma the Mallorca changes into a great grill party. Plaza de la Lonja becomes a place full of people roasting meat on grills provided by the city. 2016 was the first year, when there were separate grills for vegetarians.

  • The especially green island

First two or three January weeks in Palma de Mallorca are called “the little summer”. It’s usually sunny, the air is fresh and the temperature seldom drops under 20 grads. Therefore it’s a great time for walks and hiking trips, for example to Castell d'Alaro.

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