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7 reasons why you should head to Nepal to discover the True YOU

Updated on May 2, 2017

In the digital world, all we need to do like right now is to go on a social media hibernation. Our lives have become overtly public and constantly demanding on unnecessary mental and physical stress. We have forgotten, who we truly are because filters have replaced our images and likes on a picture determine our number of friends. We need to get out and discover the Self, the one that resides under all these filters and layers. We need to enter the door of our heart and what better way to get inside than to get away to the Himalayas in Nepal! So bring your spiritual nomad to life and answer your heart's deepest calling.

Nepal for sour searching
Nepal for sour searching

1. Because it has THE Himalayas

This unique country of Nepal is a natural mandala residing on the laps of the Himalayan mountain range. Located between China and India, it is home to the highest mountain range in the world (What else do you need). Just imagine, meditating with Mount Everest as your view and as you breathe in you take in all the fresh air – It will help mould a new you. For quite some centuries Nepal has attracted a lot of spiritual seekers.

2. The legacy of Kathmandu Valley

This supreme sight is often termed be under the spiritual gaze of Buddha. You can stroll along the amazing place with marigolds flowing along with the wind. As always mentioned by spiritual gurus, the Kathmandu Valley has a picturesque location and eye-popping landscapes that are coloured with representations of awakening and soothing enlightening.

A markerKathmandu valley, nepal -
Kathmandu Valley, Mahalaxmi 44600, Nepal
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The Kathmandu Valley has a picturesque location, eye-popping landscapes and home to many spiritual gems

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Bring alive the Buddha inside you with meditation
Bring alive the Buddha inside you with meditation

3. A step closer to gaining Yourself

They say that when you practice yoga in places that are charged with the superlative power of prayers and meditation, you will find an opportunity that will awaken your inner soul more swiftly. Choosing a retreat at such places are always an internal investigation of life. You can choose a retreat that takes you to a place near the sacred cave of Padma Sanbhavana. It is said that this saint has blessed the beautiful valleys of Nepal. With this, you will get this immense opportunity to practice yoga within the community of Buddhist monks. This will make you go wow because of it a rare privilege and a great opportunity to feel such energy.

You could also signup for a retreat at Kopan Monastery or Namobuddha Monastery.

A beautiful stupa in Nepal
A beautiful stupa in Nepal

4. Heaven Exists

Isn’t it a lifetime kind of an experience to meditate in a place which is so close to heaven? Tourists have renamed Pokhara as a synonym to heaven. You can sit under a tree facing the blue lake and practice yoga with nature. This amalgamation of spiritual and natural being gives your body a peaceful experience.

5. The Confluence of Cultures

This country is soaked with rich cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism. The cultures have been a support system for the living yoga of the country. These cultures are deeply grounded that makes the practice of yoga a tradition in the country, making it idea for a spiritual nomad who is on a soul searching journey.

6. Top Yoga Destinations

With all of this, you guess it right. These reasons and much more add up to make Nepal one of the best places in the world to practice Yoga. You see students from across the world flock to Nepal in order to explore, expand and live the essence of purity- Yoga. You will find many places here that will help you investigate philosophy along with psychology and explore Yoga’s practical tools for balance and inner peace.

7. Beauty at its best

This land of natural beauty is home to over 200 lakes and majestic mountains. This land of peace and tranquillity brings a sense of freshness in your living. It brings you so close to nature’s beauty that you seem to wander off in spirituality.

Every moment and penny that you spend on this holy land of Nepal are priceless. There are numerous stories of many beings who have come to find their true purpose in this life in these mountains and Nepal is an invitation for everyone who wants to embark on this journey.

All my Love and purest wishes to the heart that is called by search of true Self!


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