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7 Useful Travel Websites That Save You a Fortune

Updated on December 14, 2015

There are many online service providers who offer great deals and discounts on accommodation and travel. Here are seven travel websites which will transform the way you have been planning your trips as well as save you a fortune.


The best input you can get before you plan your vacation is the experience of others who have already travelled to the destination. What can be better than having access to a community of travelers? TripAdvisor is the biggest online community of travelers. Here you can find reviews of accommodation options, things to do, best places to eat and the do’s and don’ts of the place. This is a must visit site for anyone who is planning a vacation so that you spend your hard earned money wisely and get the best value.

Whether you are planning a 'Trip to Singapore' or wish to visit 'The best amusement park in the world', you can do all your bookings through TripAdvisor

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Air BnB

If formal hotels don't interest you or you are looking for some unique accommodation options, then check the Air BnB website. Air BnB has created a unique online marketplace for people to list, discover and book accommodations. There are very unique options available on the website that will tempt you to take a day off and enjoy the luxury and uniqueness of the location. There are private apartments, villas and castles available on the website for rental for a duration of one night to one week or even a month. Thus, if you want have a vacation in style or there is lack of rooms in the hotel, explore the Air BnB website and book an accommodation as comfortable as home.

Rome 2 Rio

It is a website that will answer all your travel related questions! Just pick a destination and search in Rome 2 Rio, the website will give details of modes of transportation available to reach the place from your location, arranged from best to worst. It searches a database of flights, trains, buses, ferries and driving routes available and displays the fares. Thus, this website gives you freedom from searching multiple websites to get the details of travel options and compare them. It also displays the key attraction of the destination with accommodation options provided by


It has made a community of more than 10 million people in more than 200 thousand cities who are willing to be host and share their lives with travelers. You can surf the web to find a local host, who is willing to share the house with you, in any city of any country in this world. It gives you an amazing opportunity to travel like locals; make new friends; exchange languages, thoughts and traditions. Thus, this provides a cheap yet an enriching way to see the world.


Airfares are very tricky. There are different sites showing different rates, which fluctuates frequently and often increase when you try to book tickets. Kayak is an online website which serves as an efficient travel tool. It searches the web for all the travel websites and their offers and displays the offer clearly so that you can compare and filter the results as per your preference. This is the best website to compare air fare as it searches more than 140 websites, including some of the leading airfare search engines like,, and more.

Last Minute

This website is all about last minute deals. There are hotels, flights, spas, restaurants, villas, theatre tickets, cars and luxury events available on the website. The idea behind the website is to provide comfort of five star lifestyle at the price of three star lifestyle. Thus, if you want to book a vacation this weekend or you want to take a flight tomorrow, this website is your one stop solution for all your needs. You are guaranteed a better deal on air tickets, hotels and attractions.


This is a free search service, which offers a comprehensive and neutral search results of flight, hotel and car hire services. The advantage of the website over the others is, you can do a search not just for a date but also for a month or year. This website is best for spontaneous travelers, during your search you can choose everywhere in the destination. The search engine will give you all available options from the cheapest to the costliest. Thus, you can choose the perfect time for your vacation and save most.

In today’s era, information is money and these seven websites ensures you all the information required to make a smart decision. You can save a fortune on your travel expenditure by effectively using the service of these websites.

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