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9 Fun Things to do in Budapest (Part 2)

Updated on July 5, 2013

In the first part of this article we have explored some fun ideas, such as:
1) Renting a Bringóhintó on Margaret island
2) Taking a Break at Erzsébet Square with a Lemonade or Fröccs
3) Cycling Around the City
4) Relaxing in Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Playing Chess by the Pool

... and in this article you will find 5 more ideas for your visit to Budapest, Hungary.

The Central Market Hall of Budapest
The Central Market Hall of Budapest | Source
Rétes with Apple Filling...yummy!
Rétes with Apple Filling...yummy! | Source

5) Visit the Central Market Hall and eat Rétes

See where locals buy their groceries, visit the beautiful marketplace by the Danube (near Kálvin tér) and dive into the Hungarian culinary art.

Vásárcsarnok (Central Market Hall) was built in 1897 next to the University of Economics. The rooftop is covered with the decorative Zsolnay-ceramics and inside the gigantic steel structure also add to the building's unique appeal. It is a national moument and houses one of the most colourful market halls in the city filled with fresh bakeries, fruits and vegetables, meat and sousages and more. There are gastromonic events organised here each weekend for the food-lovers and those wanting to take a glimpse into this tasty world.

In the middle of the Hall there is a Rétes shop with a glass-wall for anybody to see how the professional bakers are preparing and baking the Hungarian pastry, rétes. The traditional fillings are sourcherry, sourcherry with poppyseeds, sweet cottage cheese, cottage cheese with appricot, and also apple. Just imagine that you are biting into a freshly baked and still warm slice of rétes and you will know why this activity made the list of 9 things to do in Budapest.

Jó étvágyat! (Bon appetit!)

Take plenty of photos while walking around the city
Take plenty of photos while walking around the city | Source

6) Join a Free Walking Tour

Yes, they are free. And of course if you are satisfied with the tour you may tip the guide at the end...

Besides discovering the city on bicycle, the other fun way is to join one of the free walking tours and stride along the city with a professional guide and a group of 15+ people. This way you get to enjoy the beauty of the Hungarian capital and discuss your findings with fellow visitors.

The meeting point is at Vörösmarty square and there are several tours organised every day. This link takes you to the website with more details. This team offers 4 different routes: Original tour; Afternoon tour; Communist walk; and Jewish district walk. There are also other companies offering free tours in Budapest, so there are plenty to choose from if you decide to explore the city attractions on foot.


7) Watch a Ballet or an Opera in the Gorgeous Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera, a symbol of classical music and art of dancing is located on Andrássy Avenue. The building was designed by a famous local architect, Miklós Ybl, and was opened to the public at the end of the 19th century.

It is possible to visit the Opera House during the day (there is an admission fee), however I recommend everyone to connect this event with watching a ballet or opera piece in the evening. Tickets may be booked online and for the top balcony prices are as little as 1300 Forint (6 Dollars or 4.5 Euros) per ticket. Make sure to book tickets to the first row on the balcony as the upper rows are too far to properly see the stage. So book those tickets in advance before they sell out, put on a nice outfit and enjoy the experience in this amazing architecture.

View from Gellért Hill
View from Gellért Hill | Source

Take a quick tour in Budapest watching this video

8) Climb to the Top of Gellért Hill and Enjoy the Views of the City

Gellért Hill is situated by the Danube on the Buda side, close to Buda Castle. Though the 235-meter/770-feet high hill was named after monk, Saint Gellért; on the top a woman figure is standing. She is holding a palmleaf in her hands as a symbol of the country's freedom and to commemorate those giving their lives for the people's happiness and independence. Among the green slopes, there are also a fortress with historical significance as well as the St. Stephen's Cave with a Rock Temple inside.

From the top of the Hill the city panorama is fantastic, so it's well-worth the adventure. Public transportation (bus No. 27 from Móricz Zsigmond körtér) takes visitors close-by from where it's a 10-15 minutes walk upwards until the statue.

Bring your sport shoes and get climbing!

Szimpla garden
Szimpla garden | Source

9) Have a Night Out at one of the Local Ruin Pubs

After spending a day visiting the monuments, it is more than pleasant to sit down in one of the local attractions, a romkocsma (ruin pub). The original concept - using former houses in the city centre and decorating them with old pieces of furniture and ornaments that recall the 60'-80' - once introduced by Szimpla had proven to be a great success and today there are many followers in the city, making Budapest well-known for alternative pubs.

The first place, Szimpla is a must-see with the old Trabant car in the garden and old bicycles, picture frames and radios hanging from the walls, after which I recommed to visit other ruin pubs too, such as Ankert, Instant, Ellátó Kert... Here you can find the most popular ones, but if you are just wondering in the 7th district, take a right to Kazincy street and you will find many of them right next to each other. Local artists often gather here and live music performances are regularly held in these bars. And if you arrive on an empty stomach, many of them have kitchen offering delicious pub foods, so you can enjoy a bite of food whilst enjoying the concert.

I hope you these ideas have inspired you to add an extra day or two to your vacation time and you will try some of these fun activities when you are visiting Budapest.

Which of the above activities would you like to try the most?

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© 2013 Zsuzsi @

© 2013 Zsuzsi


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      Isabela 3 years ago

      With thanks for this eexellcnt fantastic publishing; this is the sort of fact that is constantly me though out the day.I have forever already been looking close to on your webpage right after I seen about these from a pal and was thrilled when I was capable of come across it soon after looking for a while. Being a devoted blogger, I’m pleased to find out others taking effort and giving on the community. I just wished to review to display my admiration for your personal submit as it’s extremely motivating, and lots of freelancers will not get the credit they ought to have. I am certain I’ll be back again and will deliver a number of my close friends.

    • Zsuzsi profile image

      Zsuzsi 4 years ago from Hungary

      Ilona1, Hope you took plenty of photos at both locations. The city looks stunning from Gellért Hill I think.

    • Zsuzsi profile image

      Zsuzsi 4 years ago from Hungary

      @Zineb Yes, don't miss the rétes. It's so delicious! :)

    • Ilona1 profile image

      Ilona 4 years ago from Ohio

      Yes! I climbed the Gellért Hill and went to a performance in the Opera House. I agree these are on the "must-see/do" list.

    • profile image

      Zineb 4 years ago

      I like this article it will be really usefull to me, I want to do the most of the activities! Because of you I want to eat a retés right now! miammm! I'll be waiting for your next articles! ;)