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9 Helpful Apps That Will Provide You Information You Wish You Had For Your Travel

Updated on August 19, 2016


Making travel plans for holidays or travelling is part of your job. It is always wise to have information about the location you'll be heading to. While we do our research before heading to our destination, there are things which we would like to know on spot when we are actually present at that location. Below are listed some of the really useful apps which will tell you everything you would like to know from places like ATM, coffee shop, banks etc, your distance from that point, the directions, reviews about places and a lot more. These apps will come handy when you are standing in the middle of city you've visited for the first time and trying to figure out where to head towards.

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World Around Me

This App helps to find out useful places around you like ATM, shops, bus/metro stations, theater, gym, church, mall, park, bank, hospital etc with a tap of a button.

When you start WAM, choose the category of services you're looking for and then by moving your camera around you can actually see........ virtual signboards onto the camera view in that direction. This App uses your GPS and Google's database to filter the results that are ranked by prominence. If you're in a large city or are on foot, there's a radius setting so you only see results within walking distance.

App also gives information about all kinds of places around. Details like WiFi availability, credit card acceptance, takes reservations, has outdoor seating etc. You can also check other user reviews, directions, phone numbers, opening hours, price tier, photos and more. Different views to navigate camera, list and map views. App also carries a feature where you can rank places around you by distance or importance. With these wonderful features the app is surely gonna make things convenient at a new place.


Here Maps

This wonderful App helps you find different ways to get around the city. It will let you know the commute time, convenience, what to choose drive, walk or go for public transport from your location to your point of interest. Check public transport routes, directions if your driving or walking. Live traffic information so you’re always up to date with road conditions and disruptions ahead.

The App allows to download maps for offline use, which will help navigate you around with no internet connection. Always know what's down the road by live traffic info and speed limit warnings. The voice guidance feature will lead you right to where you want to go with turn-by-turn navigation.



iExit App is your guide to tell you what lies ahead. It finds you on the interstate, shows you exits ahead, real-time gas prices, best places to stop. Perfect for road trips in unfamiliar places. Places like Starbucks, Cracker Barrel, amenities (like WiFi, Truck Parking), rest stops, hotel deals, and so much more.

Your GPS will tell you how to get there, iExit will tell you where to stop along the way. iExit will change the way you travel



My TSA App gives you 24/7 access to information that passengers want to request from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Best Government Mobile App from the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) at its 9th Annual Excellence.

My TSA App provides real-time operating status for U.S. airports from the Federal Aviation Administration. Most relaible tool to find out if an item is allowed in your carry-on or checked baggage, information on ID requirements, tips for packing and dressing to speed through security and a lot more. Through this App one can see airport delay information for airports. Post immediate feedback to TSA about your checkpoint experience. Check the weather forecast and current weather conditions at any U.S. airport.

A must have for every Traveller.


Pack Point

Pack Point App is your assistant to organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination and any activities planned during your trip. Interestingly you can share your packing list with fellow travellers.

This app also comes with the premium feature in which users can connect to TripIt to auto-create all of your packing lists, connect to Evernote to view your packing lists across all of your devices, customize PackPoint with your own activities and packing list items.

Travel Packing


Finding hotels at last minute can be a stressful task and can often land you in high prices than usual. HotelTonight App comes to rescue in such a situation, it not only helps you find great hotels in last minute but also book last minute hotels at great prices.

Hotels are listed by categories (like Basic, Hip and Luxe) to make it easy to find the right hotel for you. App also highlights the best driving-distance getaways and vacations for the weekend ahead. 24/7 customer support (from real, live, nice people) is a bonus.


Lounge Buddy

Want to know what’s behind those frosted glass doors before paying for entry? This wonderful App will help you find the perfect airport oasis in over 900 of the busiest airports worldwide.

Airport lounge access rules are complex and amenities, cost, and benefits can vary widely from lounge to lounge. With LoungeBuddy in hand, take the guesswork out of finding the right lounge for your needs.

Lounge Buddy is your answer to finding a place to relax, be productive, freshen up, or just get away from it all. Airport lounges as often thought aren’t just reserved for first class flyers or road warriors. You can have a meal while enjoying views of the tarmac, have access to a shower after that long flight, or a private oasis.

Now discover, view, book, and access airport lounges around the world in seconds, this App will help you make the most of your time at the airport. Browse real photos and reviews from other LoungeBuddy members.



Moovit is the best local commuting app in the world trusted by over 30 million riders across more than 800 cities. With the most robust and precise information, combining all your transit options together in a single app. Moovit constantly updates as transit operators change schedules or alter service, so you don't end up at a station that is closed, or waiting for a bus that isn't coming.

Stay updated for any transit interruptions, delays, and line adjustments that can affect your trip. Discover the best routes to anywhere in your city. Search for a place, address or station to compare transit options and see detailed directions all the way there. Find the closest stops and check next arrival times.

Add your home, work and other favorite places for instant trip planning. Check your trip history for easy repeat travels. Improve everyone’s ride by reporting useful information about station crowdedness, cleanliness, live events, incidents and share your own experiences.

Public Transport


Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area to share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on the go.

Find out if your friends are just around the corner. See other friends also driving to your destination, when you connect to Facebook. Coordinate arrival times when you pick up or meet up with friends. Outsmart traffic and get everyone the best route to your point of interest.

Traffic Updates


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