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9 Must-Do's For Experiencing Hipster Perth

Updated on June 10, 2016

I love to travel to Perth, not only because it’s on my native Australia (gotta be a rep for the amazingness that is my home always!) but because it is honestly one of those places where you can get it all in one place, and Western Australia is a great place to get exploring.

So forget about Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane—they’re all great places to be but they aren’t Perth!

Stay The Night At Como The Treasury.

This is no budget hotel, but it certainly packs a punch for all the bucks you’re paying to stay—this boutique experience is certainly one of a kind in the city. Crafted out of a converted government finance building, it’s all swank and no sweat, with two great restaurants, bespoke art on the walls, and plenty of reasons to just stay in—so if you want to, you definitely can!

Head for Didgeridoo Breath.

Every wanted to go learn how to make the unique sound of the didgeridoo? Then Didgeridoo Breath is definitely the stop for you. With a free 15 minute lesson on how to get the blow technique to make yourself a natural, you’ll be hard pressed not to follow up this experience with a purchase and an extremely difficulty shaped carry on for your trip home. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Take A Walk On The Treetops.

King’s Park is definitely a highlight of Perth—from the botanical gardens to the concerts and ice cream, the giant city green space is definitely a must-see, but only if you promise to head to the glass walkway of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway to take a look at the world from the tree tops. This walkways is mounted high above the ground (sorry for those who are scared of heights!) and makes for incredible vista views of the city. Take a special someone for an incredible sunset moment, or head out solo for a peaceful way to get back to nature—you certainly won’t regret a view this great!

Calling All Yogis — Head For The Raw Kitchen.

The Raw Kitchen is one of those concept businesses that mixes not only great food and products but it also offers yoga sessions and a strong central understanding that great nutrition and good practices can make your life a simple, incredible journey that just tastes delicious. For those of you who love taking a bite out of the good stuff, come taste the locally sourced (vegetarian and vegan options available!) dishes and fall in love with the clean living concept of the Raw Kitchen. Don’t forget to bring your stretchy pants and yoga mat!

Check out the Quokka At Perth Zoo.

The quokka is considered the cutest animal on the planet, and one look at this furry smiley face will immediately make you understand why. And while it certainly is at home, and one of the most popular attractions, at Perth Zoo, it’s definitely not the only awesome Aussie original to check out. So go for the quokka but stick around for the kangaroos, the wallabies, the lions, and more! If you’re lucky you can grab a moment to hold a furry creature or feed them yummy treats from your hand. Can you say picture moment?

RSVP At Print Hall For A Great Night Out.

Print Hall is not just one great hangout, it’s four levels of interaction, cocktails, and fusion food mixes that are bound to become the reason you head for this converted print workshop every time you hit up Perth. Geared toward the young and the hip, the walls are decorated with Shane West originals and an excellent, hand curated menu by the celebrated Daniel Fisher will make your mouth water at one glance. What are you waiting for—go get out into the night!

Buy Luxury at The King Street.

While not practical for every budget, The King Street is definitely the Australian Champs Elysees—it’s wear the Diors, the Chanels, and the Escadas all hang out. So whether you’ve got the appropriate purchasing power or just want to go for a quick wander along all of the perfect window displays, this is the way to spend a day among the elite of Perth, even if you’re planning on only grabbing a delectable cup of coffee in the area and taking a leisurely stroll.

Chase Down Run Amuk For Good Street Eats.

You’ve probably never had a hot dog this divine before, which is why the South Fremantle eatery is definitely a must-stop whether you plan on going to hipster Fremantle central or not—yeah, the brats are just THAT good. With other local favorites—the milkshakes are to die for—and a vintage car collection, this is a place that will provide Instagram pics that just keep giving. Go for the food, stay for the excellent atmosphere—it’s not a request, it’s a must!

Spend the day wandering Rockingham Markets.

Only open from mid winter to late spring, the half-outdoor, half-indoor open markets are one of those things that belong on any market lover’s list. From great little cafes and good eats to finding those bespoke trinkets that you love to bring back home to prove you are travel savvy, the stalls in Rockingham will definitely let you get lost in all the great things Aussie artisans have to offer. Head for the great finds, and get lost along the way.

Whether you’re the kind to grab a bike and discover on your own or you’re more of the tour friendly travelers, a trip to Perth will cater to one and all so grab your beach gear (it’s a must to bask in all the sun glory of Cottesloe Beach), your sense of adventure, your walking shoes and a map—these adventures in Oz are ready for new explorers!

Have fun in my backyard and bon voyage!


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A marker19 Kent St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia -
19 Kent St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia
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Rockingham Markets

B marker1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia -
Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia
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COMO The Treasury

C marker6 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia -
6 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
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Didgeridoo Breath

D markerKing's Park Perth WA -
Kings Park WA 6005, Australia
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King's Park Treetop Walkway

E marker181A High St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia -
181F High St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
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The Raw Kitchen


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